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  Light Green not Dark Green Leaves (previously Anthurium clarinervum)
From: "ron iles" roniles at eircom.net> on 2003.12.23 at 15:14:03(10963)

And a Happy Christmas to You & all who read this

Problem...the weeds have too little chlorophyll to look their Sunday best?

Stop it Ron! And let's be almost serious...

Is it a light problem? What's the intensity? For "ordinary"(!) plants it's
sometimes recommended to use tungsten lighting at a ratio of one watt to
every five watts of fluorescent lighting to supply the red light missing
from the latter? But are some aroids less than "ordinary"? Do some shade
plants like more blue & even green light & little or no "warm" light?
Ferns? Maybe the opposite could be true & very bright light plants maybe
don't care much about "cold" blue & green light? Spathiphyllum react
badly to Sodium Grolux lights at 6w /900 lumens/square foot. In fact the
infra-red/slight heat from 6' away makes them very pale indeed & Na-Grolux
at over 1000 lumens/square foot burns 'em. They grow satisfactorily even
well under fluorescent lighting without tungsten at <2W/160 lumens/square
foot. Do some plants which prefer shade react badly to excess light at the
red end of the spectrum?

Is your light intensity excessive or your light quality wrong for the

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