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  Amorpho rot
From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2004.01.05 at 18:49:44(10990)
I have been testing different things for years with amorphophallus. Here
are a few things I have discovered in these years that have made me
become a better grower.

1 Amorphophallus are a lot like potatoes!!! If the potato would rot in
that condition so would the Amorphophallus. What do I mean extreme hot
conditions extreme cold conditions. As well as dampness.

2 Humidity and air flow can play a huge part. If you have no humidity
water the dormant bulb a little this helps stop dry rot. The soil should
be dried out by the next day for this to work. If you have a very humid
place this is not needed as much because the humidity is keeping the
soil a bit moist.

3 Digging up bulbs when a bulb goes dormant it is not done nor when it
blooms. Leaving them in the ground or pot you will find the bulb will
increase in size the roots are pulling in nutrients still and I believe
this is very crucial for getting larger bulbs faster. If you pull a bulb
and it has roots re-pot it wants to feed more.

4 Do not store bulbs in groups this is asking for trouble when bulbs
touch they tend to rot easier starting from the bottom. Also plastic
bags are a huge no no. Like I said its like potatoes.

5 Pot size. Its always best to put amorphophallus in the ground you will
get better results but many of us cannot do this. If you won't put them
in the ground at least put them in a good size pot. Soil acts
differently depending on how much their is. In small pots it will dry
out faster in big pots will stay damp longer. I have found many
amorphophallus like larger pots. This give them room to grow and will
help prevent dry rot in the dormant months.

6 Growing these things. OK these are rare plants but they are not to be
babied. I know this is going to hurt some one but don't baby these
things to death. Best thing to do it take that pot outside put it in a
good area. When a Amorphophallus is out side it will be healthier the
stems will be stronger the leaf tougher the color usually better. This
is due to growing up in rough and tough environments. The wind is
something it needs to know as is some good old sun. The rain water will
really help take them off as well. I tell people to always do this
before they start popping up. If you grow it in the green house slender
and weak and put it out its going to get tore up due to not being suited
for those conditions.

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