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From: r2ot at charter.net> on 2004.01.11 at 16:39:15(11003)
hello list-

my local grocery store sells fruits of monstera deliciosa.Is there any way to harvest seed from the fruit


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.01.11 at 21:06:54(11005)
Hello Zack,

Monstera deliciosa seems to have evolved or have been selected to have few or in some cases no seeds in the fleshy fruit, or perhaps because there are no pollinating bees/beetles here they produce few or no seeds, but when you do come across a seed or two well concealed in the flesh they are large, about the size of a BIG green pea, my plant on a tree stump in my front yard is grown from a seed I collected from a fruit we ate in Jim and Loretta Enck`s yard when Wilbert Hetterschied ( 'Lord P' )visited WPB MANY years ago. If you bite into the seed by accident, your mouth will itch!!
Good luck,


From: Al Wootten awootten at nrao.edu> on 2004.01.12 at 14:44:52(11011)

Wow--I had this fruit when I was a kid and still recall it tasting great.
What grocery sells the fruit?

Clear skies,

From: r2ot at charter.net> on 2004.01.13 at 19:54:11(11015)

I find the fruit at Price Chopper - they have a whole section of exotic fruits


From: Brian Williams <pugturd at alltel.net> on 2004.08.03 at 15:51:15(11914)
White var form which has white blotches on the leaves
Monstera Deliciosa Aurea Variegata


Monstera deliciosa muculata which instead of white blotches has more
spots on the leaves. It is easy to tell apart side by side but maybe a
bit difficult other wise.

Monstera deliciosa mutation I have also seen a mutated form with var
leaves but they look as if they were melted. very odd looking. But it
does look like a unhealthy plant to me.

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