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  Seattle area aroiders ?
From: chris bob handspeakboy at yahoo.com> on 2004.01.18 at 01:51:21(11028)
Is there anyone on this list who is in the seattle area who has experience with aroids .. mainly amorphophallus ?


From: "G. D. M." doji at interpac.net> on 2004.01.18 at 19:16:02(11029)
Hi Chris,
I grew up in San Francisco, CA, about 2 miles from the ocean in an area that
was always foggy and damp. Amorphophallus konjac came up all over the yard
and its origin was never known. The soil was soft sand, and at that time,
no organic matter other than dead weeds and Amorphophallus leaves was added
nor any fertilizer. Each spring - according to the calander (I never saw
the sun 'till I went into the Navy years later) more and more shoots would
come up both in old sites and new sites many feet away. with blooms popping
open for about 2-3 weeks, the entire neighborhood wood be looking for the
dead cat! My job as a kid was to go out and chop them down. Arum italica
was also a "pest". I now have some potted here in Hilo, HI, that grow,
bloom, die back, and within 2-3 weeks or less send up new shoots. The
difference here in the nations wetest city is that the bulbs emerge from the
soil. I don't dry them but unpot and cut off the bottom 1/3 of the soil
mass, reset them and add new soil mix to the top. Has worked well for me.
From: -Diane Laird DianeLaird at compuserve.com> on 2004.01.19 at 13:43:28(11031)
Chris, I'm in the Seattle area (Kirkland) and grow amorphophallus and other
aroids and have friends who both grow and sell it. What did you want to
know? ("Grew" might be more like it after a few nights of the pots getting
to 16'F. I'm assuming the plants in the ground will be okay.)


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