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  O.T. (was A. spruceanum)
From: Rand Nicholson <writserv at nbnet.nb.ca> on 2004.02.03 at 14:02:04(11058)

Good to hear from you again and I am heartened to hear that your Spathiphyllum collection may find a new home!

You will forgive one brought up by those believing in the return of the Bonny Prince for pointing out that the name "Rand", in this case, is the abbreviation for "Randolph". A bit too Gaelic for "randy", which has other meanings for Sassennachs we won't go in to here. In short - no one calls me "randy", unless they know me well enough to know when I actually am.

The "pinky" is the little finger. I have no idea as to the origins of the colloquialism.

The "Lexmark" is my wayward printer/scanner which may well be inhabited by some malignant and irritable scanner trolls. The "photonic maw" of the Lexmark is simply the scanner bed, whereupon Lord P. in his beneficence hast relieved me from making a living AM/Drac spruceanum sacrifice.

One more note for Englishmen everywhere as I seem to hear this most from them: It is certain that anyone born north of the 49th parallel (myself, a Canadian of Scots ancestry living in Canada), and dubious that anyone born in Dixie, south of the Mason-Dixon Line in the USA, would refer to themselves as a "Yank". Something to do with an historical differing of opinions about which Americans would be more knowledgeable than I.

Rand .

From: "ron iles" <roniles at eircom.net> on 2004.02.03 at 22:42:08(11062)
Sorry, Rand/Randolph?

South of Hadrians Wall, my recently deceased beloved Uncle was called Rxxxx
(Randolph) but I take your point & apologise for the aberrrrrration (Scots
prounciation) & my inadvertently conceived, over-familiarly perceived &
therefore disrespectfully received use of the accolade for You. At least
it was not a diminutive like my name sometimes is in Gaelic Ireland. It
seems that there is sometimes a need to understand the true meaning &
significances of local colloquialisms as an extension of our respect for all
Life like that which lives North of Mason-Dixie & South of the 49th Parallel
& even little pixie pinkies under threat of smoosh by Lexmark Saskwach in
the Great White North.

Ah, the feel, the smell, the taste & smell of words which conjure magic &
push the limits of earthbound maginations!!

Ronnie Og (Am I klonked again or is it a manic smoosh this time?)

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