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  Air layering ?
From: "hanson, skip" <hanson_skip at emc.com> on 2004.03.25 at 15:52:22(11333)
Hello. I came across some cuttings of "Rhaphidophora Decursiva" from
a friend. I am curious if anyone has tried "air layering" as a
propagation technique ? If so, do you have any tips on what is the
best way to do this ? Any tips on how to propagate from cuttings would
be greatly appreciated. I don't have any leafs just some long stems with
several "joints".

From: RAYMOMATTLA at cs.com on 2004.03.26 at 00:48:39(11335)
Skip, my Rhaphidophora decursiva cutting sat for over a year in a tub of
spaghnum moss with no growth at all. Then, all at once the plant just started
spitting out new leaves and has climbed to near the top of my greenhouse now. I
cant give you any tips on air-layering, I was thinking about doing this to a
very leggy Dieffenbachia davidseii, but havent gotten around to it.
Be patient with the Rhaphidophora, it is a pretty hardy plant but just slow
(at least for me) to root.

From: Aroideae at aol.com on 2004.03.26 at 14:39:47(11336)
hi skip,
i've used air-layering a lot for propagating really difficult or big
'woody' stems of Philodendron and Anthurium with good success. the procedure is
typical.....i wrap a bunch of wet sphagnum, with the water squeezed out, around
one or more nodes, then wrap that up tight with aluminum foil, making a
small, funnel of the foil on the top end of the wrap...then wrap in plastic,
securing with twist-ties or nursery wire. if you're doing this outdoors, without
the irrigation you'd have in a greenhouse, then you need to make sure the
sphagnum isn't drying out.
for tip cuttings, i find it easiest to lay them in a tray of damp
sphagnum; place the tray in a plastic bag, seal off the bag and put the whole thing
somewhere in the shade.


From: "Michael Pascall" <mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2004.03.27 at 12:18:17(11337)
these climbers really need a slab or post to get a grip on so they can get
some roots into something solid. Otherwise they will continue to vine in
search of a host. Amydirium , Raphidophora and some Monstera will vine
forever unless this requirment is met.
Look in the great 'shingle aroid' article in the last IAS Newsletter.

Michael Pascall,

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