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  Water Percolation
From: Ted.Held at hstna.com on 2004.04.19 at 15:40:04(11414)
This is to add to Peter's comment about water flow through saturated soils.
Those of us who raise aroids of the genus Cryptocoryne, denizens of watery
worlds, have often made a mental note of the apparent importance of the
degree of water permeation or percolation through our substrata. We seem to
know that anaerobic conditions are desirable for most of these plants. But,
at the same time, we don't want it too anaerobic. If that makes any sense.

Here are a few anecdotes.

1. Specimens planted in impermeable containers (plastic) containing at
least some organic matter will generally do poorly once anaerobic
conditions settle in. (I say "generally" because doing enough experiments
to justify conclusions is not feasible for the average hobby grower.)

2. The specimens will do decidedly better if the plastic container is
perforated with holes, generally the more holes the better.

3. The specimens will do even better if they are planted in a terra cotta
container, where water and gas permeation can take place more evenly or at
a greater rate.

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