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  Administritiva - Amorphophallus hewittii seed
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2004.04.19 at 17:36:51(11415)

It looks like it's time to remind everyone again that if you just "reply"
to a post to Aroid-L, your post will not go to the person who sent that
post, but will show up as a request to be sent to everyone on Aroid-L.

Anything that looks like a personal reply, such as to offers like the A.
hewittii seed, we won't post to the list. We ask that you send those
directly to the person who sent the original post. (I can't tell you
exactly how to do that, because it varies among the different e-mail
programs. But every e-mail program I've seen does have a way to do that.
Sometimes it involves editing the recipients list after you choose the
"reply" option.)

When we do get a post that clearly should go to just one person, it takes
a lot more time and effort on our part to redirect it and/or inform the
sender than to just delete it. As a human who sometimes misdirects mail
myself, I don't like the idea of just deleting them, so I try to sort them
out. But I don't promise anything, and it's definitely low-priority work,
and the busier I am the longer it'll take (and the more likely that I
might lose it entirely before I get back to it). So it's in your best
interests, as well as ours, to make sure that when you send a personal
reply it goes only to the person for whom it was intended, and not to the
entire list.



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