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From: "G. D. M." <doji at interpac.net> on 2004.04.21 at 09:36:45(11422)
Hello all,

I am assuming that many of you know of this site, but for the rest of us, it holds some interest. Gary


From: RAYMOMATTLA at cs.com on 2004.04.22 at 02:29:31(11423)
Ive ordered plants from Exotic seeds several times and it has always been
well worth it. You'll get a rhizome/cutting/bulb wrapped well and in a large
manila envelope. Saves money as there is no shipping charge nor any certificates
to worry about. Some good selections and interesting species that might not
be found elsewhere. Michael

From: David Thornton <dave at dave-aroid.demon.co.uk> on 2004.04.22 at 21:25:57(11424)
In message <103.43d0e69f.2db8880b@cs.com>, RAYMOMATTLA@cs.com writes
>Ive ordered plants from Exotic seeds several times and it has always been

Dear Michael,

What's the web site ?


From: "G. D. M." <doji at interpac.net> on 2004.04.23 at 00:27:34(11425)
Here it is again. Gary

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From: "Peter Boyce" <peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2004.04.24 at 14:14:38(11428)
BUT..... be aware that in several countries if you are 'caught' receiving
non-seeds without a permit you can find bulky envelopes addressed to you
receiving particular 'attention' from the postal authorities!


From: RAYMOMATTLA at cs.com on 2004.04.24 at 19:54:20(11430)
Peter, I didnt realize this... Do happen to know which countries? I have
even recieved full plants, leaves, roots and all from them. Of course they
were stuffed in an envelope and looked inconspicous. Would there be a fine
involved? Thanks for the heads up, Il will have to be more careful when ordering
from them from now on. You still cant beat it for the price..lack of shipping
costs, and variety of plants, at least if you are interested in the
Neotropical Genera. Michael M.

From: "Peter Boyce" <peterboyce at myjaring.net> on 2004.04.25 at 06:33:39(11432)
Hi Michael

The toughest countries are the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (the
latter two are very hard), Brazil & Taiwan.

Concerning fines, there seems to be no fixed thing. In essence in Australia,
New Zealand and Taiwan prosecute on first offence but it seems that the
reality is that they keep an eye open for 'repeat offenders' (i.e., once
you've had a suspect package stopped you're red-listed for attention.) I
wouldn't get paranoid about it, just be cautious!


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