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  Dormancy question.
From: Neil Gordon <neil at ng23.abelgratis.co.uk> on 2004.05.03 at 18:42:29(11472)
What is it that actually brings Amorphophallus out of dormancy?

Do they have an internal clock that says '......................NOW!'
Or is it dependent on heat and water levels, or something else

From: "Michael Marcotrigiano" <mmarcotr at email.smith.edu> on 2004.05.03 at 19:27:40(11473)
Not sure on Amorphophallus specifically but many of the plants that have
had dormancy research done on them control it with the hormone abscissic
acid (ABA). As ABA levels elevate the plant goes into dormancy. This can
be caused by cold and short days for temperate zone plants or extended
drought for wet/dry plants. Eventually the ABA levels drop and the GA
levels rise (another hormone) and "buds break". Lots of these studies,
especially the earlier ones are indirect, that is the observations are
made after the exogeneous application of synthetic hormone rather than
measuring natural homrone in situ, but with improved chemical analysis,
it appears that early studies will hold up.

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