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  Commercial posting guidelines
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2004.06.02 at 20:11:32(11549)
On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, Troy & Izumi wrote:

> If selling is not allowed on this list please accept my apologies in
> advance however I was unable to find anything prohibiting it in the
> general info when joining the list.

This provides an opportunity for us listowners to cover that point, as we
have many newcomers to the list since it was last discussed.

Aroid-L would actually want to acquire and grow aroids, and that to forbid
commercial postings completely would just make it harder for people who
wanted to acquire plants to find the people who had them and wanted to
sell them, doing everyone a disservice. On the other hand, I think none of
us want to see lots of blatant commercial postings.

Therefore, our policy (for 10 years or so now) is that discreet,
not-too-frequent commercial postings are allowed.

The next questions, of course, are what is "discreet" and
"not-too-frequent". Ultimately, it's the judgement of the listowners.
(Though as the purpose of the list is to serve aroiders, we listen to your
opinions and will make adjustments if needed; we encourage you to let us
know your opinions, preferably by private e-mail.)

In general, what we like is a single short notice of availability, with no
prices, and an e-mail or web address where more information can be found.
For things with short availability or viability (i.e., titanum seeds) it's
completely appropriate to send the notice as soon as they are available,
as Troy did. For inventory which is available pretty much all the time,
what most vendors have done in the past is to just send a note when they
have a new catalog or price list available with instructions on how to
obtain it, and that seems to work well.


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