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From: "MJ Hatfield" <mjhatfield at oneota.org> on 2004.06.16 at 02:17:49(11624)

Having volunteered to do an educational display on Aroids for gardeners and
the public, I figured 8 months would give me plenty of time. Not so! The
display is due Thursday afternoon and I fear that procrastination might not
be an aberration in my personality.

I have plenty of high resolution jpgs of non-ordinary Aroids; Amorphophallus
and Asian Arisaema but I do not have jpgs of the more common Aroids, the
plants with which all gardeners are familiar. Would any of you have good
photos of some of the Aroid house plants that folks grow? Would you be
willing to share?

If you are willing to share a good photo of a Calla lily, Spathiphyllum,
Aglaonema, Philodendron, etc, please email me. Unfortunately I have the
slowest internet access possible so no matter how big/good your jpg file I
can only handle about 500K. I'll check for messages after work tomorrow
evening and ask you to send the jpg file on to me. I will give credit for
the photos I use.

Thanks so much.

MJ Hatfield

From: "George R. Stilwell, Jr." <GRSJr at worldnet.att.net> on 2004.06.16 at 10:36:22(11626)

I have 40 pictures of Zantedeschia that I've stolen from the web. There are
10 of species and the rest are hybrids, They range in size from 8Kb to 102Kb.
Some of the smaller ones are labeled nicely.
You're welcome to any you'd like.

From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org on 2004.06.16 at 17:46:09(11629)
Mary Jane:

Have you checked to see if there is anything in Tropicos? I know
that they scanned a lot of my pictures and put them there. First you search
for the species then see if it has an image associated with it. If you have
specific species you want let me know and I will get it scanned for you.


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