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  Amorphophallus amputation?
From: ken at spatulacity.com on 2004.06.16 at 14:53:57(11627)
I have a question about untimely amputation of an Amorphophallus leaf.
Let's say a perfectly innocent Amorph has been happily growing and minding
its own business. It's had time to form a new tuber of some size but isn't
done its growing season - and then a malicious creature comes and chomps off
the leaf and exhumes the tuber (but leaves it alone) and the poor tuber sits
on the ground all exposed for a few weeks. (The malicious creature *could*
have been a squirrel whose own growing season was cut short...)

Is that tuber going to want to be replanted to grow a new leaf or will it
want to stay dormant until the next growing season?

-Ken Mosher

From: "harrywitmore at witmore.net" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2004.06.16 at 16:41:10(11628)
I had something similar happen last year. A sort came through and caused a
leaf to break of at the surface of the tuber (planted to shallow). I took
the leaf and placed in a jar of water with Sphagnum in it and forgot about
it. The tuber eventually sprouted a new much small leaf before it went
dormant. I ran accross the leaf in the fall and it was still green to my
surprise and when I removed it from the jar it had formed 3 tubers at the
base of the leaf so I suspect there was some tuber attached to the leaf.
I'm trying the same think with A kuisianus this year to see what happen.

Original Message:

From: Al Wootten <awootten at nrao.edu> on 2004.06.16 at 17:56:02(11630)
Hi Ken

I had a squirrel commit amorphophallicide in just such a manner--found
the A. bulbifer in the gutter about a week later. Mine waited until the
next growing season. The leaf was smaller but the plant was basically

From: "Mitch ." <iamwhatiam52 at hotmail.com> on 2004.06.17 at 21:57:48(11632)
It has always been my experience that we cannot second guess what the tuber will do.

An Amophophallus will do whatever if damn well pleases. I've seen them stay dormant, and I've seen them sprout one or more leaves.

Probably best to leave it in the ground to let it do whatever it feels like.


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