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  Administrivia - misuse of IP
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2004.06.23 at 03:01:28(11658)

The thread re misappropriation of photos, text, web pages, etc.
continues unabated - there are at least half a dozen pending posts. Given
the direction they are trending, a few comments seem worthwhile.

We (moderators) don't want to stifle the topic; it seems relevant for our
audience, and we've let all posts on the subject up to this point through.

However ... while Aroid-L may seem like a small, private group of aroid
lovers (and, mostly, it is), it's also a public list, which anyone may
join, which is archived, and which anyone may read even if they don't
join. This means you should consider anything you say on Aroid-L to be
engraved in stone, forever, available to be referenced.

This is true of all mailing lists. More than ten years ago, I saw
something posted to a gardening list - fortunately not by me - quoted,
entirely out of context, in an essay in "Scientific American". Some people
in my line of work suggest that you never say anything in e-mail, even
private e-mail, which you would really not like to see in court.

We're not saying any of the pending posts cross any lines (we moderators
aren't lawyers, so we aren't qualified to say where the lines are) or say
anything which isn't true (once again, we moderators aren't qualified to
judge that and won't try), just reminding everyone that it is a public


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