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  Amorphophallus perfume
From: LMassey628 at aol.com on 2004.06.24 at 14:44:33(11671)
In a message dated 6/24/2004 10:38:11 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Ronmchatton@aol.com writes:
I agree that the odor isn't that bad. Several flowered this year and we
From: Ronmchatton at aol.com on 2004.06.24 at 15:52:13(11673)
Believe it or not that's actually happened to us. Last fall we pulled in our
40 pound corm into our sunroom for the winter (still in its 36" pot). We
were in the process of selling the house and relocating so it just sat all winter
in the house. With only one of us in the house, one thing lead to another
and it didn't get moved out before the flower opened. The stench was so strong
it made my partner's eyes water three rooms removed from the sunporch.
Putting a cardboard box of the flower made it tolerable for the day or two it was
perfumed. Obviously we won't make that mistake again.

By the way, Am. coaetaneus is another one with a wicked stench. The first
time this flowered we could smell it 30-40 feet from the greenhouse with the
exhaust system closed. You would think we had a garbage dumpster full of dead

From: "Bryant, Susan L." <SLBryant at scj.com> on 2004.06.24 at 16:55:23(11674)

I hope you weren't showing the house while it was blooming....

From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2004.06.24 at 19:00:54(11679)
Linda, I'll have to forward your note to my long-suffering wife, to let
her see how much worse it could be. Back before I knew konjacs were
completely hardy here in zone 6, I kept them indoors over winter, and she
(a teacher) was home on spring break several years when one flowered. I've
come home to find one room of the house closed off with towels stuffed in
the cracks around the door.

I agree that it seems to vary by clone, and I think also from year to year
with the same clone.

In the past, any konjacs indoors always flowered and leafed earlier than
those outdoors, no matter what I did. However, this past fall, I dug a
fair-sized konjac (maybe 8-10", 20-25 cm diameter) to give a friend, never
got it to him, and it is just now putting up an inflorescence, while those
outdoors were done in mid-April.

At this point I've given up trying to influence whether (or understand
why) an amorph stays dormant or doesn't; like the cat, they will do as
they do do and there's no doing anything about it.

But I personally think typhoniums are in general worse, especially in
how a rather small inflorescence can be nearly eye-watering through the
entire house.


From: Ronmchatton at aol.com on 2004.06.24 at 23:06:32(11687)

Luckily not. Renovations were still in progress.


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