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  Titan at Disney
From: Eric Schmidt <leu242 at yahoo.com> on 2004.07.13 at 14:35:50(11749)
Here are 2 seperate reports released by Disney
Horticulture about the A. titanum that is getting
ready to flower. There were pictures but I don't think
I can send them as an attachment t this list.

July 8, 2004 37? tall July
9, 2004 42" tall

This is our first installment of our daily Titan
update. For those receiving this who haven?t heard
yet, Walt Disney World Horticulture is proud to
present its first blooming of the Amorphophallus
titanum, the Titan Arum. This will be only the 26th
blooming of this species ever in the US.
The Titan is now on stage at Bradley Falls in
Disney?s Animal Kingdom. Our first measurements were
taken yesterday when the bud was 37? tall. Today it?s
42? tall. That?s right, it grew 5 inches since
yesterday. Based on data of growth patterns of Titan
bloomings elsewhere, we estimate the opening of the
flower to occur somewhere between July 17th and 19th.
There are many factors that affect the timing so this
is purely an estimate. It could be a little before or
after this range. As the daily growth rate begins to
slow we will know we?re getting close. When the growth
rate stops, it should open the next day or so.
This plant was repotted 2 months ago and the tuber
weighed 40 lbs. Previous Titans of similar size have
produce an inflorescence around 5 feet tall. The
largest tuber in the Walt Disney World collection
weighed 90 pounds when repotted this year. The 90
pounder has yet to reveal if it will flower this year
or not. It is producing an unusual bract around its
new growth that the plant that?s flowering produced
(see below) so we are hopeful. I think we?ll know by

From: "Bryant, Susan L." <SLBryant at scj.com> on 2004.07.13 at 16:27:18(11750)
Thanks Eric.
I suspected the Titans came from Fairchild. Disney workers came to Fairchild
and helped save trees knocked over in the ? 1993? hurricane. They saved
Fairchild from a huge loss in large trees. I've seen photos (they may be on
Fairchild's website too), the devastation was terrible. Disney brought a
huge crane and lots of workers to help out.
The Titan was probably in thanks.


From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.07.14 at 01:06:21(11755)
>From: "Bryant, Susan L."
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>To: aroid-l@lists.ncsu.edu
>Subject: Re: [aroid-l] Titan at Disney
>Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 11:27:18 -0500

Thanks Eric!
This confirms that the Disnay plants are from the same source as the ones at Fairchild, seed collected by the late Dr. Jim Symon and distributed by Dewey Fisk and Craig Alen who was at Fairchild. This is good information for the records. I wonder if we could find out the source of the one mentioned as blooming in Texas! As Susan said, I think it a good thing to keep check of the sources of this unique species as it just might help or be important if the future when genitics are being considered in the pollination/breeding attampts with A. titanum.

From: "D. Scott Taylor" <staylor at brevardparks.com> on 2004.07.15 at 19:59:31(11762)
Can someone please advise: does one have to pay the entrance fee for
Animal Kingdom to see the Titan: I assume it is 'inside' park gates?
From: Scott Hyndman <hyndman at aroid.org> on 2004.07.17 at 14:10:33(11767)

The entrance fee to the Disney Animal Kingdom Park to see the
Amorphophallus titanum and the rest of the very interesting theme park
is approximately $54 plus a parking fee.

The spathe opened yesterday evening. You can follow the progress and
see the images at http://www.aroid.org/gallery/thompson/index.html

Regards, Scott

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