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  My trick to overwinter alocasia and colocasia
From: "Philippe" <valphy at club.lemonde.fr> on 2004.08.16 at 13:16:41(11992)
Also, if you keep them inside during the winter you absolutely need to
recreate a warm, humid atmosphere. Fill up the biggest plastic dish you can
buy with hot water. Put one or more aquarium heaters in it, place the pot
with the plant at the center on some kind of scaffolding so the pot is not
in water. I use smaller dishes on top of one another to raise above the
water. The hot water will be kept hot-warm by the heater, and will
constantly evaporates and bath the leaves of the plant. Mine used to die in
the winter from dryness, now since I do this they not only survive the
winter, they even grow leaves in the winter. Be sure that evaporating water
does NOT get in the pot by any way, even evaporation through the holes at
the bottom of the pot or water can really accumulate at the bottom of the
pot and roots will rot. Don't let the heater run dry or it'll die.

From: "Bryant, Susan L." <SLBryant at scj.com> on 2004.08.16 at 13:50:02(11996)
Good suggestion, Philippe. This should also help with the dreaded spider
mite infestations that attack us northern aroiders during the winter.
My husband scolds me for peeling the paint off the window trim in our winter
plant room, though (from the humidity)

From: "Philippe" <valphy at club.lemonde.fr> on 2004.08.16 at 14:47:59(11997)
Yes, humidity is a problem if you use my technique. I know people who
winterize their alocasias in the bathroom, where they thrive on the steamy
warm air, but it's not always practical. I'm also thinking about building a
small greenhouse for inside, but now I have to convince my wife to knock
down that wall.
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