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  Frances in Florida
From: Paul Tyerman <ptyerman at ozemail.com.au> on 2004.09.03 at 22:28:40(12152)

All the best from here in Australia too. Seen reports and pics of Frances
on our news (nasty looking beasty) and heard that this is the first time it
appears that 2 category 4 hurricanes will hit in the same year...... here's
hoping you might get a last minute reprieve!!

Just letting you know that we down here are thinking of you as well!!


Paul Tyerman

From: Aroideae at aol.com on 2004.09.04 at 16:50:40(12160)
thank you so much for the kind words and good wishes!! i just had a call from julius boos in west palm beach and he's now without power and is losing shingles. the eye of the storm won't come ashore until tonight. it could be far worse had it maintained its original strength.


From: "danny wilson" <mudwasp_ at hotmail.com> on 2004.09.04 at 22:48:40(12163)
i hope everyone brought all their important plants indoors. ive been watching the storm coverage all day, good luck to all of you in florida
>From: Aroideae@aol.com
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From: "Bamboo Chik" <bamboochik at earthlink.net> on 2004.09.04 at 23:28:55(12164)
Keeping Julius and everyone else in prayer for safety...b.f.n...deb/S.AL

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From: Wrig14 at aol.com on 2004.09.05 at 18:44:08(12169)
Wein SW Fl. fared much better than Charley. I lost 16 trees but not structural damage. Rain has been mush less than forcast. For that we are grateful as we are at total saturation Joe
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From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.09.09 at 02:08:34(12175)
>From: "Bamboo Chik"
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>To: "Discussion of aroids"
>Subject: Re: [Aroid-l] Re: Frances in Florida
>Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2004 18:28:55 -0500

Dear Friends,
We lost the roof shingles (I now need a new roof), a garage door, damaged front door, carpet (from water), and a couple lovely citrus trees, but we are safe, thank goodness. It was tough being without power (no A/C is hell in summer) for several days. Thanks for all your goodwishes and prayers. Just heard that Lynn Hannon is without power, they THINK that they might be able to get her up by Sun. No house damage, but is watering her aroid collection w/ buckets. Wish her well. This Francis was a BIG one!
Good Growing,

From: "Temmerman" <temmerm at skynet.be> on 2004.09.10 at 16:24:06(12178)
Sorry to hear you got that much damage
Julius. A friend in Port Orange, Daytona Beach is only scheduled to get
power back up the 16th!! By that time, Ivan may have come by
already. Let's hope that that will not happen. Charley and Frances
were more than enough already.
Especially the plants don't like it. Even
though a big Amorphophallus paeoniifolius has no damage or whatsoever in my
friend's back yard. It looks like those two hurricanes never came
by. Other plants were a lot less lucky:-( Thank God everything grows
fast in Florida;-)

From: "Tropicals" <Tropicals at SolutionsAnalysis.net> on 2004.09.10 at 16:32:38(12179)
Thank you for bringing
us up to date Julius about you and yours; the rest can be repaired over
time. We hope you are given assistance and NOT hit by Ivan. You are
in our prayers and very positive thoughts. We, too, survived Frances
personally; not so positive for the aroids. We have German friends in Jamaica; we
spoke this morning and already they are feeling the effects. They are
facing it with confidence.

I imagine that by next
year at this time, our aroid collections will be among the finest in the
nation; stronger, bigger and envied by all.

Christian and Bill

From: "Bryant, Susan L." <SLBryant at scj.com> on 2004.09.10 at 17:26:59(12180)
Dear Julius,
So glad to hear you are OK! Heard Scott Hyndman is OK
too. Lynn must not be doing too bad, I just got her reservation for the
Aroid Dinner!
(A lesson to some of you out there, ahem, and I don't mean
you Ju-bo)

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