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  rain forest tree moss
From: Sheldon Hatheway <sfhatheway at yahoo.com> on 2004.09.12 at 15:40:52(12182)
Hi, everyone!

I am making some hypertufa "trees" for my new
greenhouse and would like to get some of that nifty
moss that grows on the branches of those big trees in
the tropical rainforests. Do any of you know where I
can get some? I can't afford a trip to the tropics
myself at the moment (I spent all my vacation money
for many years to come on the new greenhouse). Any
help, especially from you botanical garden curators,
would be greatly appreciated.

Sheldon Hatheway

From: Ken Mosher <ken at spatulacity.com> on 2004.09.12 at 22:52:45(12186)
You must mean Spanish Moss? It's a very common Tillandsia and anyone in FL
or the nearby southern states will probably be happy to grab some from
their back yard and mail it to you. (I can't send you any because I live in
the north.)

From: Sheldon Hatheway <sfhatheway at yahoo.com> on 2004.09.14 at 03:06:45(12191)
Thanks for taking the time to reply. What I'm looking
for is a dense-growing, green, and relatively short
(less than 6") moss that usually grows around the
limbs like a shag carpet. It doesn't hang down like
the Spanish moss, which I already have. I've tried
the local tree moss, but it doesn't tolerate
greenhouse temperatures very well. Thanks again for
your interest.

Sheldon Hatheway

From: "harrywitmore at witmore.net" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2004.09.14 at 11:38:26(12193)
How old are the trees you have formed. It may be too soon to expect moss to
suvive attached to them if you have included portland cement in the
construction. Hypertufa containers I have created take a while to leach out
the lime after creation. Once they have done that, just exposing moss spore
to the surface in a humid greenhouse will be enough to get it going. It
would also be interesting to hear of your creation techniques. I may have
some mosses/Selaginalla that might work if you will contact me off list.


From: "Bamboo Chik" <bamboochik at earthlink.net> on 2004.09.14 at 21:02:39(12198)
You can soak hypertufa containers in vinegar over-night to quicken it
along. I soak the troughs I make in a large tub of half vinegar and half
water and am able to get mosses growing on them quickly after a quick rub
with some of my wetland woods muck. Keep damp and in

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