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  Seedlings Available
From: "Darnowski, Douglas William" <ddarnows at ius.edu> on 2004.09.28 at 12:18:44(12227)
Hello. I am new to the listserv, a botanist from Indiana. I joined because I'm looking to get rid of some seedling Amorphophallus plants. The seed came from a plant I got from a friend in Hawaii who got a small tuber from a friend in Indonesia (I think, might have been somewhere near Indonesia). After about 3 years and when the tuber weighed a pound or two, it flowered--the spadix was maybe 18-24 inches high, fruit went from green to yellow to red. Leaves when on the flowering-sized plants before it flowered were maybe 30 inches high. Clearly from Amorphophallus, but I don't know the species. A list member, who suggested I join, and who I've swapped seed of this with said it looked like it might be A. bulbifer, or perhaps A. konjac or A. muelleri.

This is my only aroid--I grow and do research on carnivorous plants. If anyone would like to swap for a seedling with 3-4" tall leaves, please email me at ddarnows@ius.edu. Alternatively, I could sell them for $5 each plus postage.


From: Bryan Lampl <dirtface at earthlink.net> on 2004.10.08 at 04:30:39(12268)
hello Doug,

any chance you have photo of the plant. if you think it is muelleri, then i
would be interested in trading or purchasing a few seeds. let me know.



From: "Darnowski, Douglas William" <ddarnows at ius.edu> on 2004.10.25 at 18:45:29(12309)
Sorry to take so long--busy weeks with the new baby. A picture of the seedlings is attached.


From: Jonathan Ertelt <jonathan.ertelt at vanderbilt.edu> on 2004.10.27 at 15:17:08(12313)
>Sorry to take so long--busy weeks with the new baby. A picture of the
>seedlings is attached.

I'm not sure, but I don't believe that aroid -l allows attachments
like jpegs. However, I would suggest, and others will be quick to correct
me if I'm wrong here, that generally A. muelleri seedlings have a lovely
pinkish edge around the entire perimeter of the leaf as seedlings (at least
on the few that I have seen), but I don't think that the same coloration is
present with either A. bulbifer or A. konjac. This may help your i.d.


From: "Darnowski, Douglas William" <ddarnows at ius.edu> on 2004.10.27 at 16:41:21(12315)
Thanks. I thought I was responding directly not via the listserv--my goof.


From: "MJ Hatfield" <mjhatfield at oneota.org> on 2004.10.27 at 22:30:39(12319)
Doug and Jon,
The seedlings I rec'd from Doug "did" have pink edges and I "guessed" they
were bulbifer. My other bulbifers have pink edges.

Also, I did receive the jpg over Aroid-L.
MJ Hatfield

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