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  Amorphophallus under lights
From: <plantguy at zoominternet.net> on 2004.10.10 at 13:43:20(12276)
Hello fellow Amorph-o-philes,

I live in zone 6a and do not have a greenhouse. I
have maybe 20-30 species of Amorphophallus (at some point I need to
make a list) and until this year just nursed them along as long as possible
in my cold climate until dormancy set in due to a lack of both sun and
cold. Unfortunately, I had maybe 40 pots full decide to not break dormancy
this year until August and so my usual plan of attack was out of the
question. Thus, I now have quite a few under a 400W MH HID grow light
and after 3 weeks they are doing wonderfully, except for the aphids which have
already proven to be a pain in the backside! I was wondering if anyone
could provide any additional thoughts on care as we move further into the
fall/winter. These are sitting on a table, not on the floor and so I think
there will likely be enough heat for them (no cold basement floor). I also
have 2 separate fans continuously blowing to keep excellent air
circulation. I have not bothered to mist them at all to date and no one
seems to mind, although it has only been three weeks. Certainly I can not
be the only one growing Amorphophallus through the winter under lights and so I
would truly appreciate the thoughts of the long-term growers on this
forum. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide,


From: "Leo A. Martin" <leo1010 at attglobal.net> on 2004.10.11 at 16:54:57(12280)
I can't address your question in detail, having just three winters'
experience in the distant past, but you had better watch out for spider
mites. They were by far my worst problem when wintering plants in my

Regular spritzing of all above-ground plant surfaces with plain water or
rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol 60% - 80% in water) will do the
trick. You will have to be careful not to wet the soil if you are trying
to keep it dry. And, do the spritzing when the high-pressure sodium lamp
is off and cool unless you like explosions involving flying superheated

If I didn't spritz all my plants - cactus, leafy things, whatever - once
a week, I had severe spider mite damage in a jiffy. The most susceptible
plants, in order of severity, were

aroids / Lobivia cacti (tie)

From: <plantguy at zoominternet.net> on 2004.10.12 at 22:01:15(12285)

Thanks so much for the info!! So far spider mites have stayed at bay, but
it is early. I'll start a misting program. I got a glass shield for the
HID light so that flying glass would not be a problem...for once I planned
ahead. I allow my Brugmansia to go completely dormant for the winter as it
is easier then allowing them to grow.

Thanks also to Dean Cook for his earlier advice on the grow lights.

I'll let any other northern growers know how it went in a few months when
everybody should be dormant.


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