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  Fertilizing A. titanum
From: "danny wilson" <mudwasp_ at hotmail.com> on 2004.10.14 at 18:03:13(12288)
Can someone tell my what type of fertilizer i should use? I have no idea what to do here. MY titanum is about 2 feet tall and has been in active growth for about 10 months. I want to give it something before the cold weather gets here. Find the music you love on MSN Music. Start downloading now!
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From: Bryan Lampl <blampl1 at earthlink.net> on 2004.10.15 at 14:34:19(12289)
I will suggest that a water soluble 15-30-15 is just fine. That's what i use
for all of my Amorphophallus. You should be able to find it at a hardware
store or gardening center. I fertilize every two weeks, though some say you
can feed the plants more often.

From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.10.16 at 00:31:33(12290)
Dear Danny,
A good commercial 14-14-14 slow release gran. fert. Like from Lesco) should be fine to tide you over. I`d recomend that you purchase the back issue ( I don`t remember the issue number, help, someone) of Aroideana with THE best article on growing A. titanum, it was authored by Craig Allen who used to work at Fairchild Gardens in Miami and grew THE best A. titanums I`ve seen, his article detailed his method of soil mixes and fertilization, I can not recomend this route enough. Good Luck,
From: "Clark T. Riley" <drriley at mypcr.com> on 2004.10.18 at 00:07:11(12291)
I've been growing titanum for over 5 years now. Mine are about 6 feet
tall in small tubs. I add about two tablespoons of Osmocote slow
release fertilizer when I take the plants out in Spring. I know that's
not enough for fast growth, but since they have to spend the Winter
indoors under lights in the basement, that is part of the object. I've
certainly seen no adverse effects.

If you are bringing them indoors, I'd suggest not adding nutrients in
the Fall but in the Spring. Otherwise, you may get spindly growth if
you don't have strong Winter light.

Clark Riley

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