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  Thanks, Enid
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2004.12.30 at 10:52:50(12515)
>From: "Enid" <enigo@bellsouth.net>
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>Subject: [Aroid-l] All hail the all mighty Julius!!
>Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 22:29:02 -0500

Dear Enid and Friends,

(BLUSH, BLUSH!!!) Well thank you, thank you very much for the kind words!
I am just so happy that my idea worked so very well for you, Enid
I was truly amazed to see how beautiful Enid`s aquatic plants are doing
using her system, blooms everywhere, no leaf-tip fertilizer burn, no sign of
cold-weather leaf diamage, etc.!!! This idea first was conceived back
when I had noticed that when that the roots of my aquatics (which grew out
of the drain-holes in their pots into the saucers of water) all LOVED it
when the temps. of summer hit, but all died back and the plant then declined
in the cool of winter. The warm water was an obvious solution to this
problem, I just could never afford it! The only problem for you, Enid,
will be of space when these still immature plants in their 4" to 1 gal pots
get BIG and require at least a 3 gal. pot! Concerning the mention of
Cyrtosperma hybrids, this has been done way-back in Australia by my friend
Arden Dearden (and I believe Al. Hay) The primary parent was C.
cuspidispathum, several other species were crossed to this, and the hybrids
are spectacular, I have three out at my friend Bob Olesen`s home.
Hand-pollination is easy when you know how, Bob has produced two HUGE
infructenses with lats of fruit nearing ripeness on our Lasimorpha
senegalensis! (a big African aquatic, looks like Urospatha but with 'kind',
bluntish glass-looking extrusions/spines on ridges along the petioles, it
bears fantastic purple-with-yellow-striped spathes, (they smell like fruit!
) If there is interest, I might be able to talk him into selling some
seed to you guys.
Brian`s idea on injecting CO2 into Enid`s system may not have an effect, it
works great on underwater aroids, as it is absorbed by the leaves, I don`t
know if the roots would benifit as much. Concerning the blooms on C.
merkusii, mine bloomed when it was about 12 ft. tall, but I have read
somewhere that this species and C. johnstonii are both infertile, the
thought was that C. merkusii (the HUGE form grown for food ) had somehow
mutated over time to become so, and that since ALL C. johnstonii was grown
from a single collection from Buka Island in the Soloman Island group WAY
back when, it too had become infertile. BUT---I just saw recent photos of
our hero Dr. Thomas Croat in the field with plants that sure looked like C.
merkusii, many in bloom, this was at the recent conference in Kuching, Asia,
none of the plants seemed over 6 ft. tall, (Hey Pete, are they fertile or is
all reproduction in this population by vegetative means only????)
To all you potential growers of aquatic aroids out there who want to succeed
with these wonderful plants, I ONCE MORE refer you to an old 1993 artice in
Aroideana Vol. 16, "Experiencing Urospathas", in it I tell how to grow these
plants. I am TIRED of folks calling to say that their rare and EXPENSIVE
plant has died, and when I ask if they have followed the method that I
outlined, they reply---"Well, you see I had a better idea, so what I did
was----" Folks---- please---- grow them MY way till you manage to produce
enough seed to grow your own, THEN experiment with YOUR ideas and kill you
OWN plants!! This group is too difficult to obtain for you to afford to
loose any wild-collected stock due to bad growing conditions!
Thanks again, Enid, for the kind words!
By the way, aroid friends, I can not say enough on how impressed I was by
Sam and Enid`s new home and plant set-up, in one year it will become one of
the most impressive aroid collections in Florida, and I look forward to it
being one of THE best in the USA in just a couple of years once it 'fills
in'. Don`t miss it the next time you are in Florida!!! Enid can be
contacted on-line at---

She and Sam have some wonderful plants available.
Good Growing!



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