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  Aquarium CO2 injection and the Carbonate system
From: "Gary" doji at hawaii.rr.com> on 2005.01.05 at 22:17:53(12554)
Title: Aquarium CO2 injection to benefit plant growth and the carbonate system

Dear Ted et al,

Your CO2 thoughts have been in my mind for a long time now, and with the
help of Dr. James Szyper, Aquaculture Specialist, Hawaii/Pacific Sea Grant
Extension Service, I thought I would add my two cents to the discussion.

The addition of CO2 into
the water to accelerate the growth of Aroids such as Cryptocorynes, Anubias,
etc., is valid only to a certain point.
It?s direct effect is minimal at best, injected CO2 can help if the
plants have as much fertilizer, light and proper temperature as they can use,
probably not much otherwise. It?s
also good to remember that during hours of darkness or suboptimal lighting, the
plants reverse the process and use O2 while giving off CO2. That is not
quite correct. The plants do continue to make and/or use both CO2 and O2,
but they do not produce an excess of O2 therefore, it effectively stops,
allowing the CO2 to increase at night. If CO2 were of great benefit, then
plants would grow at the fastest rate at night or in suboptimal light

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