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  Request for seeds of Aroid genera needed for study ofacids of seed lipids
From: Victor G Soukup soukupvg at email.uc.edu> on 2005.01.09 at 16:15:48(12564)
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:43:21 -0500
Subject: Request for seeds of Aroid genera needed for study of acids of
seed lipids

Dear Aroid-l ers.
I am now at the stage of having analyzed the seed of at least one
species of each of 88 genera of Araceae. I reported on some of this work
at the recent IAS Symposium in Sarawak. In order to complete this study
I still need seed of several genera.
Below are four lists giving the names of the genera still needed.

List Number 1. Genera of traditional Araceae of which I have not had any
Bognera Hottarum
Carlephyton Phymatarum
Colletogyne Protarum
Furtadoa Pycnospatha
Gearum Zomicarpella

List Number 2. Genera of Duck Weeds, the newly designated Araceae of
which I haven't had seed
Lemna Wolffia
Spirodella Wolfiella

List Number 3. Three genera from which additional species are needed.
Typhonium Any species except diversifolium, giganteum,
horsfieldii, roxburghii, trilobatum, venosum
Biarum Any species except davisii, dispar, tenuifolium
Theriophonum Any species except miniatum

List Number 4. Genera which should be rechecked.
Aridarum Dieffenbachia
Bucephalandra Chlorospatha
Callopsis Pedicellarum

Three or four (3 or 4) seeds of each species is usually
sufficient for one analysis. Because the seeds of the Duck Weeds are so
small, it may take considerably more seed. I would hope that 10 to 20
seeds might be sufficient.
While it is nice to work with fresh seed, viable seed is not
necessary. I have successfully analyzed seed up to 75 years old from
herbarium sheets. What is necessary is that the seed be reasonably mature.
If you can help sometime in the coming months, please e-mail me
to so indicate, and then e-mail me at the time the seed is to be
sent. Thanks for your help.


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