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  Araceae from New Caledonia?
From: Adam Black epiphyte1 at earthlink.net> on 2005.01.31 at 01:04:08(12623)
Hi all,

Does anyone know of any native aroids from New Caledonia? I have seen
that Epipremnum pinnatum occurs there, but wanted to know if any other
aroids (particualrly Rhaphidophora, Amydrium, and Alocasia) were present
there as natives.

I am writing a book on the natural history and captive care of some
types of geckos from New Caledonia, and wanted to devote a portion of
the book to making naturalistic setups including native plants that one
would be able to purchase from specialty nurseries without too much
difficulty. As far as Aroids go, E. pinnatum fits that profile well, but
figured there must be some other species that isn't too rare in
cultivation that might be suitable for use in a terrarium.

Going off topic, any suggestions for other non-aroid species native to
New Caledonia that may fit this profile would be appreciated. I already
am aware of the commonly available New Caledonian ferns such as
Platycerium bifurcatum, Asplenium nidum, Blechnum gibbum. I have seen
listing for native species of Hoya, Lycopodium, Bulbophyllum, but no
species were mentioned. Also listed were some other obscure genera of
ferns and orchids not likely to be found without a diligent search.
There must be something else out there (Dischidia???, Nepenthes???,
Begoniaceae???, Gesneriaceae???), that is suitable for a large terrarium
that is native to New Caledonia, and is at least somewhat available in
cultivation. Any help would be appreciated. Please reply off list as you
see fit!


Adam Black

From: Marcin shagar at cyber-sport.com.pl> on 2005.02.03 at 22:48:42(12637)
Hi adam,

According to my knowledge E.pinnatum is the only member of Araceae present
in Neew Caledonia.

With regards,

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