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  The flowers of ZZ
From: "Abrimaal Svartvinter" abrimaal at o2.pl> on 2005.02.11 at 20:14:15(12667)

For the first time I saw my Zamioculcas in bloom. Do the
flowers have a perigon or perianth?
What's the difference between perigon and

From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2005.02.11 at 21:44:55(12668)

What great pictures – as always at
your site. We have an article on the taxonomy of Zamioculcas coming in the
Aroideana that will be out in late summer, possibly with a small additional
piece on their huge jump into favour as a house plant, if I can stir my lazy
bones. I might ask you for a couple of pictures if that comes to pass –
any chance?

Perigone is a word for a perianth in which
the parts are undifferentiated (so all perigones are perianths, but not all
perianths are perigones!). Those little nubbins which all look alike make it a perigone
if you want to use the word that is very often chosen when describing the
perianth of individual flowers in the Araceae.

Regards, Derek

From: "Tropicals" Tropicals at SolutionsAnalysis.net> on 2005.02.11 at 21:51:15(12669)
Thank you for sharing all
the stages. Excellent photography and layout! Ours have not yet
gone to bloom; it is nice to see the inflorescence maturing. Not knowing your
language; are we to presume they dried up and did not form infructesence (as
seen in bottom right hand photo?)

How many years did it
take your plant to produce bloom? At what zone, temperature and humidity
level are you growing them?

Thank you for your
time and increasing my botanical vocabulary…Christian

Your AlterNative
Solutions Team

From: "Abrimaal Svartvinter" abrimaal at o2.pl> on 2005.02.11 at 22:58:54(12670)
Thanks to all for answers.

By mistake I added the link to a page in an
"unidentified" language, sorry, the correct link (to the same page in
English) is below:

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