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  typhonodorum lindleyanum seeds
From: "Peter Wunderlin" pmdes at astronet.co.za> on 2005.03.01 at 06:08:45(12745)
Hi everybody
I have some Typhonodorum lindleyanum seeds
for swops.
Anybody interested please contact me on
Best Regards
From: "MJ Hatfield" mjhatfield at oneota.org> on 2005.03.26 at 21:48:27(12794)
I just rec'd seeds of Typhonodorum lindleyanum. (Thank you, Thank you.) They
are planted but I have a couple of questions. Julius says to put rock or
crockery at the bottom of the pots so that the soil doesn't actually sit in
the water but rather the pot does and will wick water up. However, the
Aroideana article makes no mention of that and talks of growing the
seedlings in jars, one with some water and one with more water, roots
submerged. These seem contradictory. How should I grow them?

And just how warm should the soil be for optimum growth?

Thanks so much. I'm quite excited, now that I have a greenhouse.

MJ Hatfield

From: "Bobby McGehe" bobbymcgehe at bellsouth.net> on 2005.03.27 at 22:10:39(12797)
Trust Julius, he knows!!!
----- Original Message -----
From: Baumfarn Webmaster webmaster at baumfarn.at> on 2005.03.27 at 22:18:48(12799)
Hi, Is the same true to T.giganteum?


From: "araceae at earthlink.net" araceae at pop.earthlink.net> on 2005.03.28 at 01:06:17(12801)
I'll doublle that and even triple it.... TRUST JULIUS.. HE REALY KNOWS.

Trust Julius, he knows!!!

From: "Peter Wunderlin" pmdes at astronet.co.za> on 2005.03.28 at 21:25:44(12804)
Hi Mary Jane,
just plant the seeds in a plastics container without drainage holes fill it
about 80% with good soil and plant the seeds halfway in the soil. Flood the
container with water so the water level is slightly above the soil.
Thyphonodorums are very easy to grow, no big deal at all.
Good growing
Best Regards
From: "Horak, David" davidhorak at bbg.org> on 2005.03.31 at 21:29:29(12810)
Just to add my two cents. I agree with Peter. Typhonodorum seeds
germinate easily and quickly. Here at the Garden our "parent" display
plant is growing in our shallow pool with its entire root mass
completely submerged.It has been that way for several years now. The 3
original plants we have came from a distribution from Brian Williams
back in 2001.They bloom a couple times a year and regularly "self"
(another topic) and occasionally, when I have not been diligent seed
falls into the pool and I eventually find germinated seedlings rooting
floating freely in the pool. At the moment I have a large population of
seedlings that unfortunately I cannot offer in a general way, but that
were germinated in a container of water with no soil and then planted
out after the first root/leaf began to appear. It helps if the water
temperature is warm, as in 75-80 degrees. Julius rightfully cautions
about growing these plants submerged. I believe the big issue with
growing with a submerged root zone is having constant fresh water. If
sitting in water that becomes stagnant and is not emptied or replaced
frequently you are very likely to see leaf tip burning and eventually
will kill the plants if the condition is not changed. Lots of fresh

Those who have applied/requested plants will see them soon as the
weather is finally warming up.

Dave Horak

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