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  Totem from chick.wire+sphagnum.
From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2005.05.14 at 14:11:52(12945)
>From: EGoldfluss@aol.com
>Reply-To: Discussion of
aroids <aroid-l@gizmoworks.com>
>Subject: Re: [Aroid-l] Totems
Thu, 12 May 2005 13:26:40 EDT

Many years ago I think it was Dewey Fsik who published an article in
Aroideana about constructing totems for aroids to attach to. It involves
bending an 18" X 4' long or so strip of 1/2" mesh 'chicken' wire around a
piece of lumber 4" X 4" in dia, joining the ends together by bending over
the little pieces of wire over the opposite sides, then packing sphagnum
into this square 'tube' using a broom stick or something like that. The
tightly packed sphagnum within the wire 'tube' was good for the roots to
grow into. You keep it watered if tou have irri. by placing a thin irri.
drip tube at the top of the totem, or just pour water into the top daily to
keep the sphagnum moist and attractive to the roots.
Good Growing,


From: hermine hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2005.05.15 at 15:23:07(12948)
for excruciatingly neat totems, you can get baled greed
sphagnum from places like Mosser Lee, and pick and choose the best green
large sheets of it. there is also our old friend, thin nylon
monofilament, which visually disappears, and can be used to wrap.
you can also get a piece of PVC pipe and drill a bunch of holes in it,
the way large drainage pipes are made, and wrap the sphagnum around it,
securing it with the nylon monofilament, (after soaking the moss
and squeezing the water out). and then giving the whole thing a
haircut with scissors for neatness in public display, if that matters.
you can water it through the pipe, which I forgot to mention, at the top
is left open. you can always practice and take it apart and reuse the
materials until you get them very well made. this kind requires no
chickenwire. Many people have a fear of chickenwire.

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