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  A.hewittii toppled over
From: Baumfarn Webmaster webmaster at baumfarn.at> on 2005.06.23 at 19:02:48(13031)
I have several (9) youngsters of A.hewittii grown from seeds. All of
them are in miniature greenhouse, with more or less the same soil, which
more or less as wet as the others
Today I opened my miniature-greenhouse for a few hours, to give them
more fresh air and to harden them a bit off, since some are soon to big
to stay within the greenhouse. All stood in partially afternoon sun
(beginning around 4:00 pm). No, in this room wasn't any window open. And
they didn't get any draught (ger. Zugluft)
Later I have to recognize that one of my A.hewitti toppled over
(compelte petiole). I gave him a a small pillar to lean on, watered it a
bit and closed the greenhouse immediately.
Shall I spray with a fungicide too?
What happend to it?


From: Dan Levin levin at pixar.com> on 2005.06.24 at 05:30:33(13035)
Dear Peter,

I would caution you to carefully remove your plant from its pot and
inspect for signs of rot/ deterioration of the roots and/or tuber. Most
typically, the toppling over of an Amorpho. petiole is indicative of an
after-the-fact "sour" media and/or drainage problem. If indeed this is
determined to be the case, hopefully you'll (still) have an intact tuber
which you can attempt to save... waste no time checking!

Said tuber should be rinsed well in warm water, carefully inspected- all
soft/ mealy parts cut out; then dusted with a fungicide (I've
personally had

From: Baumfarn Webmaster webmaster at baumfarn.at> on 2005.06.24 at 08:08:38(13036)
Thanks Dan,
but it seems that it recovers today.
Another thing I was reading: "Species may be found in soils on granitic
bedrock, but more often in limestone areas." from
From: "Hal or Nancy Robinson" robyn82 at bellsouth.net> on 2005.06.24 at 13:00:30(13038)
I suspect you will find that nothing is wrong with your plant. You were
growing the tubers in miniature greenhouses with almost 100 percent humidity
and then to take them out one could not stand. Just prop it up . It too
will be ready to stand after a few days. If you can just open the
greenhouse slowly that would help so that the humidity will not drop
so fast.

Nancy Tennessee

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