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  Philodendron stenolobum and P. bipinnatifidum?
From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2005.06.26 at 06:19:44(13057)
Think the ID is correct?


From: "Abrimaal Svartvinter" abrimaal at o2.pl> on 2005.06.28 at 05:28:44(13063)
Please send these photos to the Aroid ID Center

From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2005.06.28 at 16:34:59(13065)
Both IDs are absolutely correct in my opinion. This is the first time I have
seen the real P. bipinnatifidum identified as so in a long time!!!!

Best wishes,


From: "Russ" chammer at cfl.rr.com> on 2005.06.28 at 23:48:57(13068)
My recollection of P. stenolobum from the IAS show at Fairchild last Sept
is that all lobes on the leaf are
extremely narrow and long, and is not the philodendron in this picture.
There was some controversy between
what I believe is now known as stenolobum and another plant then called
williamsii. P. williamsii, at that time was described as having a leaf much
wider in all parts, tips of all lobes were more blunt, and was considered
the species, while the plant now called stenolobum was thought to be a
hybrid of some kind.

Seems like last year or so someone straightened all this out, with the
magnificently regal narrow leaved plant
being identified as the species stenolobum, and I guess the less attractive
plant is still williamsii.

Someone help me with this. There were some great photos of the large
stenolobum that won a first in the
Fairchild show, but I couldn't find them at IAS site.

So, based on what I remember, my impression of the plant in the photo is
that it looks more like williamsii than stenolobum.


From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2005.06.29 at 04:09:44(13069)
More pics from the NY Botanical Garden:

Labeled as P. bipinnatifidum:

No label - P. Goeldii?

From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2005.06.29 at 04:31:54(13070)
Here it is:

I labeled the young plant here as P. stenolobum for

From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2005.06.29 at 04:35:14(13071)
btw, the paper you are refering to is

E.G. Gon?alves and E.R. Salviani (2002). New species
and changing concepts of Philodendron subgenus
Meconostigma (Araceae). Aroideana 25:2-15

From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2005.06.29 at 14:35:25(13076)
Dear Russ,

Please, forget the name P. williamsii. The real P. williamsii from
Bahia state (Brazi)l has wide leaves (more or less similar to P. speciosum)
and has NOTHING to do with P. stenolobum. This confusion have started a long
time ago, I don?t know why. I have collected many different populations of
P. stenolobum in the wild, and there is a wide variability in leaf widht but
they are always much narrower than any other sagittate leaf self header
Philodendron (subg. Meconostigma).

Very best wishes,


From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2005.06.29 at 14:38:22(13077)
Number 1 and 3 are both P. bipinnatifidum

Number 2 is really P. goeldii

Very best wishes,


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org on 2005.06.30 at 00:47:05(13079)
Title: RE: [Aroid-l] Philodendron stenolobum and P. bipinnatifidum?

Dear Eduardo:

I suppose that any plant that I have in cultivation would fall into this category. Is most of the material that has been called P. williamsii now to be called P. stenolobum?


From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2005.06.30 at 02:48:34(13080)
Two interesting aroids that I also saw in NY Botanical
Garden, both unlabeled or unidentified.

The first one is a Meconostigma, but one I am not
familiar with.

From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2005.06.30 at 20:18:27(13083)
Dear Tom,

All horticultural "P. williamsii" is now P. stenolobum. The real P.
williamsii is a completely different species, occurring in coastal Bahia
state and is rather rare. I don?t have it in cultivation and I have never
seen a living specimen in any collection I have visited or It looks like a
P. speciosum (or like a huge P. corcovadense), but is somewhat smaller in
overall dimensions. I have collected it twice in southern Bahia and I have
seen a few more collections in Herbarium. Philodendron stenolobum is only
known from Espirito Santo state and is much more common, being found by me
in many different localities. I don?t know when or when the confusion began,
but P. stenolobum is called P. williamsii in lots of old publications
(including Graf?s Exotica). Simon in his revision of Philodendron
Meconostigma included P. stenolobum specimens in P. williamsii, probably
because he hadn?t enough good material of P. stenolobum to be sure it was a
different thing.

Very best wishes,


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