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  2005 IAS Show and Sale in Miami
From: "Michael Mahan" agavestar at covad.net> on 2005.09.22 at 03:32:55(13372)
HI all !!! very great to see all of those persons that I've had email
contacts with at the Miami show & sale .Soo nice to put a face to everyone
PLZ every one that I talked to at the show please !!I need you to email me
at agavestar@covat.net ; my hard drive cooked just before I left for the
show & I've lost my whole contact list with it. The main reason I went to
the show was to make contacts with all the great persons that make this org.
Ron I really need you to email me asap as I want to take advantage of that
thing we talked about that needs to be in by this Friday . to everyone that
was there a great time was had by all !! to those who could not make the
show ,I really recommend that you try to go NEXT YEAR . this has to be the
best plant group that I've ever been associated with ! the members all are
great personalities ~~ ;o}

Michael Mahan

From: "Michael Mahan" agavestar at covad.net> on 2005.09.22 at 04:09:12(13373)
Soo buzi potting up plants I screwed up my OWN email address it's
agavestar@covad.net not covat still reeling from the show ,hurricane
,jet lag ... Soo plz anyone that I talked to plz send me a reply soooo I can
build my contact list back up agin ... Ron K. plz email me

Michael Mahan

From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2005.09.22 at 04:32:13(13374)
michael: gotta agree, lotta kooky personalities
there....NICE! NICE! NICE! people though, somewhat
like the ant group i hang around with....

susan: attachments to posts in the aroid oasis are not
viewable by guests (some images that show up for
guests are actually stored in my meconostigma
site)...membership is 100% free (unlike most things in
this world) and reg takes 10 sec to do....

From: Tom philofan at philodendron.org> on 2005.09.22 at 05:24:03(13375)
I have to say that this year's show was a great experience for this
first-timer. It was nice to meet people at least as excited (if not
more so) about aroids. It was an extra treat to visit Silver Krome
Gardens, Paul Hammock Orchid Niursery and The Philodendron Phreaque--
I hope to visit the others next time. I brought home a few boxes of
great aroids--now back to the age-old problem of finding room for
them (I always manage to somehow). Thanks to IAS for organizing such
a fun event. I hope to return next year (hopefully without the

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