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  Potting Mix for Anthuriums?
From: Dan Harrison <danhar at earthlink.net> on 1997.08.28 at 02:53:57(1110)
Hi All,
I'd like to know what others use as potting media for Anthuriums. I used
a modified Cornell epiphyte mix for years; but the ingredients have
become VERY expensive, and I don't feel good about using tree fern or
New Zealand sphagnum.
Dan Harrison

From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.08.28 at 13:39:14(1112)
For as many people as there are that grow Anthuriums, that is the number of
people that will have their own 'favorite' mix. What will work under one
persons growing conditions will not or may not work under someone elses...
So, no one mix is bad and no one mix is good. If it works, don't fix

From: TimothyA7 at aol.com on 1997.08.28 at 13:52:45(1115)
Since most, if not all anthuriums are somewhat epiphytic in nature they
must have that extra air around their roots. Styrofoam packing peanuts can be
an effective and inexpensive growing media ammendment. This material first
can be used in the bottom of the pot in place of normal drainage material
then incorperated in the remaining planting media be it a sphagnum or other
epiphyte mix. I like the newly available coconut chunks, it holds water and
nutrients very well. It also seems to have a natural hormone that encourages
root development.
Tim Anderson
From: Tom Croat <croat at mobot.org> on 1997.08.29 at 13:51:15(1116)
Tim: Are these "coconut chunks" peices of the husk, the rock-like inner
shell or something else?
From: SNALICE at aol.com on 1997.08.29 at 14:16:08(1120)
Tim, Dewey, or anyone else,

>>>> I use a media of 1/3 Canadian Peat
Moss, 1/3 Perlite and 1/3 composted pine bark in small chunks... This
allows lots of air in the roots and is well drained... Anthuriums do not
like "WET FEET', but they do like to be moist at all times... If a plant
does not seem to like the above.... I will add a few styrofoam peanuts to

From: TimothyA7 at aol.com on 1997.08.29 at 16:00:47(1122)
Here in South Florida we grow out in the wide open spaces. We can have many
days of1" rains and have high humidity most days. So our growing media must
survive this. We would have trouble with your bark/peat mix because the
decomposition would be rapid and start blocking air movement in 3 to 4
months. If we grow under cover and hand water( too much work) the mix can
last much longer. So we aiways are looking for material that will last longer
but still keep ouir babies happy.
Tim Anderson
From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.08.29 at 16:06:44(1123)
It is like I said.... "If it ain't broke, don't fix it...." If your plant
is happy, leave it be!

From: TimothyA7 at aol.com on 1997.08.29 at 16:12:26(1124)
I'll have these materials for all to see at the show next month.
Some products are just pieces of 'husk',some are 'trunk' chunks and some seem
to be a mix. Most folks seem to be enjoying good growth using the stuff. I
think we need to learn the fine points however.
Tim Anderson
From: Rand Nicholson <writserv at nbnet.nb.ca> on 1997.08.29 at 19:23:11(1125)
> Tim, Dewey, or anyone else,
> >>>> I use a media of 1/3 Canadian Peat
From: Tom Croat <croat at mobot.org> on 1997.08.29 at 19:35:39(1127)
Tim: Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing you and your materials at
the show. Tom
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at classic.msn.com> on 1997.08.30 at 02:00:48(1132)
Dear Sue,
I have not heard from you in a while-- How are the seedlings doing? How big
are the Spathecarpa? Drop me a line when time permits.
From: SNALICE at aol.com on 1997.08.30 at 21:12:00(1134)
Hello Julius,
Everything is still alive! I'm happy with them, but I have a feeling they
would be larger in Florida. I have been setting aside plant family photos
taken as they grow, but they keep growing, so I keep taking more pictures and
because I want to send you the latest report, I keep waiting to send them.
It's just a vicious circle. I have a few more pictures to get, one of them
being of the Spathacarpas, which are doing great by the way, then I will get
them off to you so you can judge their growth for me. It helps to know what
they SHOULD look like at this point. I had 7 Spathicarpa seedlings until
some friends left me with 5. I planted one in my community pot where my
kitten found a perfect spot to rest...on top of the Spathicarpa.....nothing
else.... which resulted in a broken leaf, but it's putting up another one so
I let the little rat have another day. They are starting to put out leaves
at a much faster rate, compared to their babyhood rate of growth. Picturatum
is awesome, and Lasia has thorns!
Thanks for asking. The pictures aren't great, but will give you an idea of
how they are doing,

From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at classic.msn.com> on 1997.09.04 at 21:41:40(1159)
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