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  Administrivia re non-subscribed addresses
From: Steve Marak samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2006.01.18 at 23:22:49(13722)

I've made a minor change in the settings for Aroid-L.

Many people have multiple e-mail addresses, and ISPs sometimes make changes in
your address which don't affect e-mail coming to you but do change the way your
address looks on e-mail you send. So up to this point, any time someone tried
to post to Aroid-L, regardless of whether the address was subscribed or not,
the post was queued for my review. If it was a legitimate post, I would approve
it, and it would be posted, even though the sending address wasn't subscribed
to Aroid-L. I know there is at least 1 aroider who sometimes posts from a
member address, sometimes from a non-member address.

The volume of spam the list is getting has forced me to change that. Most days,
there is only a little wheat and much chaff. And needless to say, all the chaff
comes from non-member addresses. So from this point forward, any post from a
non-member address will be automatically discarded - and the sender will not be
notified that it's been trashed. (In the few minutes this has been in effect
there have already been several discards.)

As I say, this should affect very, very few of you. I'll be watching the
auto-discard notifications carefully for a while, and if I see anything being
discarded that shouldn't be, of course I'll do something to remedy the problem.
But I want you to all be aware of the change.

We now resume your regularly scheduled programming ...


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