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  Supergenic naming.
From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2006.01.21 at 21:39:26(13754)
When I worked at Bob Wilson's Fantastic Gardens in Miami in the late
50s-early 60s, Graff used to come in to photograph new stuff. When he had
the pictures, he would ask Bob for names, and he would always oblige even
though no one in Florida had any idea exactly what the new stuff coming in

Since then I have been very skeptical of any name that is authenticated with
a reference to "Exotica" since we all know that Graff did essentially no
editing beyond lining his pictures up on the page.

I don't know whose fertile brain Homalomena miamensis came from - but
nurseries have to call their plants something, don't they!


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org on 2006.01.21 at 23:03:23(13758)
Title: RE: [Aroid-l] Supergenic naming.


From: hermine hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2006.01.21 at 23:20:50(13759)
I do know that in
one of his last books he asked Josef Bogner to check names and Boger
showed this to both Simon Mayo and I so there was some improvement in the
names. The real value of the older version of Exotica 3, which is
so widely read, is that it allows us to communicate about plant even if
the name is unknown. In some cases it really does not matter if we
know the real name. I often hear about such and such a species as
on P. such and such in Exotica 3.

He once came to our place and photographed some stuff, perhaps it was
bamboo, and at that time the names were uncertain; today they are still a
subject of polite argument. But he wrote down the names we had, as the
best names at the time. EXOTICA was my introduction to rare plants, i
lived at the library until i had almost MEMORIZED it. I know the
Sansevieria names are all messed up, but it was an amazement to see that
there were the uncommon ones photographed and published ANYWHERE in those
dark, unenlightened times!

From: "Derek Burch" derek at horticulturist.com> on 2006.01.22 at 02:11:33(13760)
Re Exotica it is certainly true that there
is nothing quite like it, and I have spent many hours going through many of the
sections- fact remains that, like many useful tools, it needs to be used with a
clear understanding of what it can do and what it can’t. Perhaps
for the new edition, a warning like “Total dependence on the names in
this book can be damaging to your communicability”.


From: HUDSONSBIRDS at webtv.net on 2006.01.22 at 22:28:45(13765)
Hermie! AMEN!! I did the same--Then bought the volumes!

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