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  Auction , Contacting IAS, etc.
From: "michael mahan" agavestar at covad.net> on 2006.02.09 at 08:00:55(13837)
How about a spring online auction just to spur interest in getting more
plants & add some much needed cash to the club. I could help with holding
of plants as I have a greenhouse that will & can handle the time period to
run such a auction ...

From: "Bryant, Susan L." SLBryant at scj.com> on 2006.02.09 at 16:28:46(13840)
Sounds great, how would it work? Would we send the auction plants to

How about a spring online auction just to spur interest in getting more

From: "michael mahan" agavestar at covad.net> on 2006.02.11 at 22:29:50(13870)
Yes plants would be sent to me . your postage to send said plants would
also have to be part of your donation . when all plants were amassed
then(everyone would have to send all plants in a same week time frame ) I
would photo them & then post the pix on my web shots page ,listed just as a
item # per each plant & then persons wishing to bid would email me their
bids on said item # ,I would post the highest bid for each item every night
at a said time on this forum( there by allowing persons to keep bidding
over the course of the open bidding time ) . each nights post will also
have the persons name that placed the high bid for the day for each item
#,there would be a final time &/DATE !! that no more bids would be accepted
& auction would end . all plants would have to have a starting bid price
(which would be for the covering of the shipping costs to the winning
bidder) THIS WOULD ONLY WORK if bidders have U.S. address to ship to as I
can't do international shipping ..... NOW as for payment from the winning
bidders it would have to be sent to the clubs paypal email account , I would
then send the postal receipts to the club for reimbursement for my putting
up the cash for the shipping .. over sized plants would not work in this
style of auction as it would be too hard to figure out the shipping costs ..
Now this is just an idea that I have & it sorta is like what tropaflora does
it's auctions is how I came up with it .. sooo kick it around let me know
what everyone thinks stay in touch Mike Mahan

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