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From: "?goston J?nos" agoston.janos at citromail.hu> on 2006.04.07 at 18:53:19(14069)
Hi All,

I bought this Caladium yesterday at a wholesale
company. Does anybody know how to cultivate ir and/or the variety

From: LARIANN GARNER AROIDIAN at worldnet.att.net> on 2006.04.08 at 23:01:37(14070)
Hard to say only that it could be a Cardinal, John Peed or Postman
Joyner. or even a Freida Hemple. All of these have red centers and
green edges and leaf shapes. I'm looking at a Caladium standard-Fancy
Leaf Chart, one I got at the TPIE. I can't make out the distinction.
Abbott Ipco gave these charts out. Here's their website maybe they can
tell you.
They do Caladiums, Flowerbulbs, Perennials, and Other Horticultural
It's a beautiful Caladium, we were playing around with crossing some of
them and we can't wait to see what we get. Most of them are still babies.
Later, Delia
Aroidia Research
From: Norma Jean Cream hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2006.04.08 at 23:34:29(14072)
At 11:53 AM 4/7/2006, you wrote:

Hi All,

I bought this Caladium yesterday at
a wholesale company. Does anybody know how to cultivate ir and/or the
variety name?

Thanks a lot,

how TERRIBLE to allow the wonderful variegated CLIVIA to peek in at the
bottom of the photo, JUST BARELY! i have seen that caladium, and
it is the VARIEGATED CLIVIA I really need to see!

From: "Andy Cabe" acabe at riverbanks.org> on 2006.04.08 at 23:55:54(14073)
It might be 'Freida Hemple' or 'Postman Joyner'.


From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2006.04.09 at 12:07:24(14074)
Reply-To: Discussion of aroids
Subject: [Aroid-l] Caladium
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2006 20:53:19 +0200

Dear Jani,

As others have pointed out, it could be one of many commercially sold
cultivars which are and have been developed by Caladium breeders in Central
Florida. From your photo, one can observe that this particular cultivar,
whatever it`s given 'name' is, would seem to be a hybrid between a C.
bicolor and a C. schomburgkii (the 'tear-drop' leaf shaped Caladium
species). C. schomburgkii seems to cross easily w/ C. bicolor, and some
vars. seem to be used extensivly to impart that deep scarlet color into its
offspring. The smaller leaves in your photo, by their color and shape,
illustrate the influence of the C. schom. in its parentage.
Grow in a very well-draining 'jungle mix', keep the soil moist and warm, dry
the pots off and let it go dormant in LATE fall, store corms dry in a warm
garage over winter, plant in spring.
Good Growing.


From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2010.10.30 at 04:09:54(21597)

What about Caladium clavatum, has it been described or is it still C. bicolor var. rubicundum?

I got this photo last summer (2009)


I'd like also ask what is the current status of "Alocasia" 'Hilo Beauty'.

Has anyone worked on this plant?






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