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  Titanum does NOT produce offsets!
From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2006.05.22 at 13:06:01(14274)
Gentlemen and people,

Amorphophallus titanum does NOT produce offsets. The phenomenon described bt
Craig Allen is indeed the development of adventitious buds into new tubers
(splitting). Offsets are real side tubers/rhizomes developing on the mother
tuber and separating from that tuber by themselves in their first year, or
at the start of their second year.

Lord P.

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2006.05.22 at 20:59:41(14278)
Reply-To : Discussion of aroids
Sent : Monday, May 22, 2006 1:06 PM
To : "Aroid-l"
Subject : [Aroid-l] Titanum does NOT produce offsets!

Picky, picky, picky!


From: "StroWi at t-online.de" StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.05.23 at 07:20:07(14285)

we all know that his name is programm in manyfold ways.

However, Lord P(icky) I didn't know yet............ :-)

Good growing,

From: "StroWi at t-online.de" StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.05.23 at 07:51:28(14286)

the description of Lord P(recise) reminds me of an information I got
from Bjoern Malkmus (www.rareplants.de) some years ago.

He took a deep breath and destroyed the central bud of his titanum with
a knife which resulted in the formation of 3 or 4 adventitious buds and
splitting of the tuber in the following vegetative growth preriod.

Happy cutting and splitting,

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2006.05.23 at 13:38:11(14291)
O.k., I'll admit, it is totally unimportant whteher titanum does or does not
produce offsets. Sorry Prof. dr. dr. dr. Boos INC,FLP,ERT,YUH,OIK,ERD.

Your totally unworthy servant,
Lord P.

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2006.05.23 at 22:30:45(14297)
Reply-To : Discussion of aroids
Sent : Tuesday, May 23, 2006 1:38 PM
To : "'Discussion of aroids'"
Subject : RE: [Aroid-l] Titanum does NOT produce offsets!

Dear Wilbert, (A.K.A. "Lord Phallus")

No problem--- as usual, as you and I have previously discussed, it is merly
differences in language/improper usage of "terminology", in this case by
myself, that caused the problems! What I was TRYING to say (but I
explained it very badly!!) was that, contary to literature and common
belief, A. titanum can and does divide itself if certain conditions exist or
are provided. I should have got into more precise detail, or left it to
your goodself to properly explain the correct usage of 'offsets' vs.
'divisions', adventitious bulbs', 'splitting' etc. In Craig's case the
original tuber was made to 'split' or divide itself into several/many
smaller tubers, which was a boon in distributing this rare plant back then
when no seeds were available, and today is a useful thing to be aware of if
one wants more plants out of your one A. titanum tuber!! ! To my mind,
Craig`s multi-tubers were 'offsets', but you were correct when your
explanation and the proper "terminology', kindly provided by you, clearly
shows them NOT to be 'true' offsets, but 'divisions'!
In the future I think I`ll stick to discussing REAL Aroids, like Urospatha,
Anaphyllopsis, Dracontioides, etc., not those stinking, UGLY
want-to-be-aroids such as Amorphophallus and Pseudodracontium!!

The Best, and Good Growing all,
Julius :--)>

From: "StroWi at t-online.de" StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.05.29 at 19:49:07(14320)
Dear Julius, Dear Wilbert,

without intending to interfere in a personal dispute, I am glad to read
that the differences on that topic are cleared!
( And I will overlook the unqualified remark by J on the only relevant
aroids with continetal generosity and leniency...)

BUT, my dear Lord P(ropagator), I have to contradict to your opinion.

At least to me it is not unimportant wether A.t. produces offsets or

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