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  Zantedeschia bloom?
From: Donald Mosser <dmosser at southconn.com> on 1997.09.05 at 12:41:45(1162)
After being on the Aroid-L a few weeks, I realize now that I have been
growing or at least trying to grow several aroids in my garden. My
question, however, is in regard to my Zantedeschia or white flowered Calla
Lily. I purchased the tubers several years ago at a discount retail store
such as Wal-Mart or K-Mart (I know, a hideous practice, isn't it?:). The
plant has grown well each year, but has never bloomed.

I live in USDA Zone 8 on the border between Georgia and South Carolina
(U.S.A) with very hot and wet summers and first frost around November 15th,
last frost around March 15th. I dug and moved these tubers at the end of
last summer and I would guess that the tubers were about 1.5-2.0 inches by
3.5-4.0 inches. Granted, this summer it has been somewhat shaded by an
antique rose bush and a vigorous Iris tectorum.

My question: When should my Zantedeschia plant normally bloom and what are
the factors critical for bloom for this genus of plants? Extra water?
Heavy feeding? Length of growing season? Maturity of tubers?


Donald Mosser

From: grsjr at juno.com (George R Stilwell, Jr.) on 1997.09.05 at 21:19:42(1165)

I know the feeling. How long can a plant grow without blooming?

Zantedeschia aethiopica needs some sun. Mine bloomed wonderfully this
year for the first time
since I first planted them a few years ago. Hurricane Fran did the job by
knocking down lots of trees and allowing much more sunlight on the
Zantedeschia. Z. rehmanii responded well too.

In the trade, Z. aethiopica is grown in greenhouses (in the north) with
full sun and lots of feed. So more fertilizer may be in order too. Most
Z. like a damp growing area, so water is important too.

Z. aethiopica here took about 5 years from seed to bloom in full
sunlight, with heavy feeding,
and drip irrigation. So maturity is required as in all plants.

Often purchased tubers are confused by our northern hemisphere when they
come from South Africa
or New Zealand. Mine often grew a second time in the fall, after going
dormant in the summer,
only to get zapped in December. After a few years, they got their
calendar straightened out.

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