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  Help - Amorph disease
From: "Agoston Janos" agoston.janos at citromail.hu> on 2006.07.10 at 11:27:02(14406)
Dear Susan,

I can understand your problem, becouse one year I lost all of
my Zantedeschias.

But I also would like to correct you. Erwinia carotovora is in
all natural soils which were not disinfected by heat.

This bacteria attacks the tubers when the soil is soggy and
anaerob (= without air). The second thing is what I saw is this bacteris usally
attacks the tissues at the top of the tuber, where the leafs attach. And for the
leaves it is going upward.

I also contacted with a dutch Zantedeschia breeder, who told
me that Z. aethiopica is resistant to this kind of rot, because it grows in
marshes. So you may try these varieties, becous you may have better luck. I was
able to rot hese tubers too, but before rotting they became infected with a
fungus, perhaps Pythium. This fungus loves wet conditions, the sympthomes are
smelly rot and melting as Erwinia, but you can kill this with strobilurines as
azoxistrobin (Amistar, Quadris).

From: Susan B honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2006.07.11 at 02:25:09(14412)
Thank you for your corrections Jani,
and I have one of my own! It is Phyton 27, not 20!

Aethiopica is (supposedly) a winter grower here,
although I have several in bloom now.

I didn't think my soil was that bad, the tubers were
in the ground, not pots.
thanks for the additional info!

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