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  Philodendron adamantinum?
From: a san juan kalim1998 at yahoo.com> on 2006.07.11 at 21:17:33(14419)
Several times over the years people have wondered about some of the rarer Meconostigma, like Philodendron adamantinum.I bought a putative specimen of this species from Brian last year and it has grown a bit, and I'm at pains to know whether this is really the correct species.....I also found a pic of the adult form on the web. http://blueboard.com/aroid/index.php?topic1I would also like to know whether the very large meconostigma that Dr. Croat mentioned from his trip to South America has ever been cultured (there was some talk about Ron (?) doing this):"The trip back to the south was just as slow but since we knew what we were up against there was lessapprehension. Among the most interesting species collected was a huge Philodendron that was common in the old leaf bases of a large palm tree. This species, which is probably new
From: "Ron Weeks" rhweeks at attglobal.net> on 2006.07.12 at 03:05:17(14420)
The Brazilian philodendron seed has been available for over thirty years.
Few of the rare mecanostigmas are even in collections and definitely not
in cultivation. You draw the conclusion.

The giant philodendron might be P. maximum. It is not a mecanostigma. The
largest leaf I had was 76", 193cm, or 4.171240395 Greek cubits. I do not
know of any philodendron with a larger leaf blade. There might be a few
plants with leaves 36-48" available at the Aroid Show. My seedlings are
still very tiny.
-Ron Weeks

From: Ken Mosher ken at spatulacity.com> on 2006.07.12 at 04:08:30(14421)
Forgive me, but P. adamantinum doesn't have anything to do with a metal
endoskeleton being grafted into a mutant aroid, does it? Perhaps when it
sees a non-aroid competing for scarce jungle resources it lashes out and
slices the intruder to ribbony bits? Perhaps it augments the spadix in
ways we all can only dream of?

OK, end of joke. And I swear I won't make any more mutant-powered spadix
jokes until Lord P has had a turn.


From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2006.07.12 at 12:20:03(14425)
Brian here. What I sold you probably was not correctly named. They were
seed grown out of Brazil and many were not labled right and some I have
no Idea what they really are. I put a statment in the auctions that they
were seed grown and sold to me as each species but could not be for sure
until they were fully grown. As they grew out more and more I found that
putting a name to any of them would be hard so I stopped selling them.
I did get three forms of climbers out of the seeds that do seem to be
correctly named and the selfheading forms may all be selloum as I hear
it can vary alot but some have almost no cuts in the leaves to some with
highly extremely cut leaves. But non of them seem to look exactly alike
or like the species they were suppose to be. I have photos of many of
the seedlings I will try to post so up to see if I can get any ID. I
would think it would be hard to ID any of them.
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