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  Amorphophallus in full sun ?
From: "Michael Pascall" mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2006.09.13 at 09:12:48(14600)
I want to plant out as many spp. as I can in a new bed prepared recently .
Know that A.paeoniifolius and konjac will grow well , but what about some
other ones ?
From: Ken Mosher ken at spatulacity.com> on 2006.09.13 at 16:21:06(14601)

It will depend on where you are. Up here in the north I can get away
with most species in full sun. If you're in the south that probably
isn't true.

From: ALLAN TETZLAFF atetzlaff at rogers.com> on 2006.09.13 at 18:42:46(14602)
I'm not sure where you live and if you're a lot further south, you may have more difficulty. I live in Southwestern Ontario. I don't put them in beds but in pots. They pretty much all handle full sun but I water them a lot. There doesn't seem to be a problem. Mites are more of an issue when it gets hot and dry than sunlight is. My experience is with quite a few species.... konjac, muelleri, paeoniifolius, titanum, symonianus, atroviridus, palawanensis,... on and on.... Allan TetzlaffMichael Pascall wrote: I want to plant out as many spp. as I can in a new bed prepared recently .Know that A.paeoniifolius and konjac will grow well , but what about some other ones ?Have lots of albus and symonianus , a few spare lewallei
From: abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2006.09.13 at 19:16:28(14603)
In Full Sun the margins of my Am. bulbifer withered.


From: Chipboy5399 at cs.com on 2006.09.13 at 21:58:11(14604)
In the mid Florida full sun I had gigas, aphyllus, consimilis, and albus stay quite happy all summer long.


From: "Michael Pascall" mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2006.09.14 at 08:12:10(14605)
I should have mentioned I am in a wet tropical area with ridiculous amounts
of rainfall , most of the soil is red volcanic with some very sandy patches.
Thanks for the help , looks like I can plant a lot out.

Michael Pascall,

From: "Bryant, Susan L." SLBryant at scj.com> on 2006.09.14 at 13:01:24(14606)
I think it depends on temperature, light levels (frequent clouds or
weeks without them) and humidity.
My Wisconsin isn't very much like your area, my albus, symonianus, and
lewallei do pretty well in (almost) full sun. Towards the end of summer
bulbifer, konjac, and others get a little sunburnt, but by then they are
almost done. For some reason the larger plants get burnt more than the
smaller ones.


From: "Bryant, Susan L." SLBryant at scj.com> on 2006.09.14 at 13:07:31(14607)
Allan, you get mites on your plants

SW Ontario is a great growing area, protected by the many

From: "Allan Tetzlaff" atetzlaff at rogers.com> on 2006.09.15 at 09:47:25(14608)
Susan.... yes, mites overwinter here. A lot
of ornamental trees - Golden Chain Trees, Pussy Willow - are notorius for being
overrun by mites in August when it normally gets hot and dry. I'm not sure
in other countries about products, but here in Canada, I use AVID which it
great. It also requires a licence though. I've grown orchids for
years and mite control is essential. The Amorphophallus don't seem to mind
chemical sprays. I always spray in the evening so the sunlight is
weaker. Here, I always grow my Amorphs in pots as opposed to the
ground. And I use fresh commercial potting mixes, so I don't have the
nematode problems that other's mention (at least not so far).


From: "Agoston Janos" agoston.janos at citromail.hu> on 2006.09.15 at 11:33:43(14609)
Dear All,

I grow A. bulbifer, A. konjac, aA. asterostigmatus and A.
yunnanensis is sun.

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