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From: Betsy Feuerstein ecuador at midsouth.rr.com> on 2006.09.19 at 21:32:17(14625)
If you did not make it to the show last weekend, you missed one
heck of a good show, great auction, good food, great buys, and a
fabulous speaker at the banquet/meeting/auction. Much fun was had by

Dan and his Miami team really did a great job at putting the show
together. Tricia, as always, is the backbone of the show, along with
her Miami team. Many hauled in large, and I mean large, specimen of
beautiful aroids for us to see and google over and wish we could grow
such things. Denis Rotalante and Ron Weeks were the broken back souls I
wittnessed bringing in huge plants from their collections. Oh, there
were volunteers from afar who helped in this project. Brian Williams
helped I know and I am sure others did also. Fairchild brought in
plants one of which took best in show.

The member sales table was filled with super plants the locals had
grown and plants those from far and wide had brought to be purchased.
There were some right fascinating plants on that table. I personally
removed a few of them for my collection........ after paying for them.

The center display was filled with huge specimen of anthurium and
philodendrons, a dracontium and an amorphollus or two. Those for me
were just to be amazed at since I, living in the central colder parts
of the USA, find it impossible to grow in such forms. The plants were
judged and awards given at the banquet.

Tricia had her team of check out specialists and helpers. As always she
does a remarkable job of putting this whole thing together in a form
that is to be envied by many. She makes it look easy.

Vendors seemed to have beautiful and new things for us to contemplate.
Marie and Steve Nock of Ree Gardens always bring in plants so well
grown that few can resist looking and then some of us buying. Home
brought in more than his usual new amorphophallus tubers and had a few
neat growing plants to sell. Lester was so kind as to take photos of
some of these and to post them to Aroid - l for all to see. Ecuagenera
brought in all different things from what they had brought last year.
Some of those philodendrons and anthuriums were to die for. Now to get
them to grow............ Tim Anderson had fabulous anthuriums on
plaques along with several aquatic aroids in pots and of course, many
other plants in pots. Last but not least were the many beautifully
grown plants Charlie McDaniel had for sale. Charlie always comes up
with some neat plants that no one else has for sale.

Last but not least, the banquet/meeting/auction took place Saturday
night. Amazing to see all of those hard working members all cleaned up
for a night of fun. Dinner was delicious as usual. Those who do this
each year are angels in disguise for our benefit. The meeting was short
and sweet and the slate of those nominated was accepted as in the
Newsletter. Dan presented the business at hand and then we were on to
the 'lecture extroadinaire.' Eduardo presented us with a program that
has to fall as one of the very best in our history. His enthusiasm and
charm plus his fabulous slides with identifion as to the plants in the
photos interspersed with the site locations made this program
entertaining and delightful. Eduardo loves his aroids and he
loves telling us about them. He had even practiced his English to make
sure that we understood what he was telling us. Well, we
understooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Eduardo for a wonderful program
and your company........ come back anytime. I hope others will give
their thoughts as to Eduardo's program. I think this group might find
such information interesting.............. from different perspectives.

Then on to the Julius-Tom show called aroid auction. There were some
very interesting plants in the auction from some wonderful xanthosomas
anonymously donated that I brought home to the huge philodendron that
Don Bittel took home with him for a nominal fee. The Philo that is the
backbone of the auction almost yearly went for a goodly sum and will
end up in Australia. There were many really well grown plants in the
auction. Between Julius and Tom, we all were encouraged to donate our
dollars to have the plants. We all had a ball.............. I know I

And then, there was that beautiful picture of Lynn Hannon on the
auction table and the xanthosoma given in Amy's memory. They were both
so dearly missed and remembered. Their transitions so recent it was
hard to believe that they were not with us. They were with us in spirit
and their memory will be with us forever. The picture of Lynn came from
the Tampa enteurage. Her smile was so real. I thank them for bringing
their memories to our show. Amy having been one of the stalwarts of
the Miami efforts will be remembered by many for her kindness and her
aroid growing. We will miss them both.............

Lester was so very kind to take photos and get them out to those who
were unfortunate enough to not be with us. Thanks Lester.

So many deserve mention. I am sure I have missed many, but please know
how much your efforts are appreciated by those of us who came to visit
and help at the show. See you all next year. Mark your calendars for
next September ............


From: "Famille FERRY" jpcferry2 at wanadoo.fr> on 2006.09.20 at 16:45:17(14626)
Dear Betsy,

Thank you infinitely for this long description of
this weekend. I feel the environment which reigned in Miami: mix joy
and of sadness.

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