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  unknown Xanthostoma with purple coloring
From: Eric Schmidt leu242 at yahoo.com> on 2006.10.19 at 20:56:21(14745)
Here is an Xanthostoma with purple coloring on the
petioles. It doesn't get as large as the common X.
sagitiifolium and it isn't X. violaceum. Is this
possibly X. maffafa?




From: "Tom Croat" Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2006.10.19 at 23:09:03(14747)
Dear Eric:

It looks like Xanthosoma violaceum Schott to me.


From: Brian Williams pugturd at alltel.net> on 2006.10.20 at 05:13:03(14752)
As for the Xanthosoma Edurado ID a very similar plant that I thought
right off would have been Atrovirens but said it was indeed Robustum.
Here are the pictures of that plant.

From: "Eduardo Goncalves" edggon at hotmail.com> on 2006.10.21 at 13:14:57(14754)
Dear Eric,

To me, your purplish Xanthosoma is one of the many forms of
Xanthosoma atrovirens. I have also seen a reddish form ("morada") and the
regular blackish form.

From: "Julius Boos" ju-bo at msn.com> on 2006.10.25 at 21:42:44(14766)
Reply-To: Discussion of aroids
To: aroid-l@gizmoworks.com
Subject: RE: [Aroid-l] unknown Xanthostoma with purple coloring
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 13:14:57 +0000

Dear Eduardo and Friends,

I am still off-line with major house repairs, so am replying to this one
from a friend`s home.
The Caladium 'excalibur' is probably, as Eduardo suggests, a C. cf.
picturatum, probably collected in Cuyabueno, Amazoniun Ecuador years ago by
folks on a trip taken there by a good friend of mine.
The only difference is the one from Cuyabueno usually has a purple spot on
the upper side of the leaf blade where the petiole attaches, but this
distinctive 'spot' may have been 'lost' in tissue culture. Another
possibility is one collected inAmazoniun Brazil years ago by another good
friend near an airport, this one usually has very faint spotting visible on
the leaf blades, and was being sold at the recent aroid show in Miami.
I hoipe this info helps, and also hope to be back on line in a week or so!

Good Growing,


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