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  Alocasia Sanderiana dormant
From: John Ludwig onesforusall at yahoo.com> on 2006.11.27 at 01:06:24(14861)
I recently was forced to move all of my Aroids to my
attic because of some major renovations in my home. I
have since moved them back into a permanent winter
growing room under lights with some natural sunlight.
My A. Sanderiana Has shed all of its leaves and I
believe that the cooler Temperature in the attic
caused it to go dormant. The attic had dropped to the
low 40's at night and a few specimens had suffered
including my Alocasia and my Sauromatun Venosum. The
lowest night Temperature now is 62 degrees. Has
anybody experienced this before?

From: "D. Christopher Rogers" crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2006.11.27 at 22:58:37(14866)
I cannot speak on the A. sanderiana, as mine have never gone dormant, but
your Typhonium (formerly Saromatum) venosum must go dormant this time of
year in the northern hemisphere. When the leaves fall down completely, they
should come off with a slight tug. If not, then they are not quite ready.
After you remove the leaves, dig up the tubers, clean off all the soil and
roots, but be careful not to damage the growing bud at the top center. Let
the tuber air dry in a cool dry place, and leave it alone until spring, when
it should be re-planted. If the tubers are big enough, you will get a flower
sometime between January and April.

Happy days,

From: "Denis Rotolante" denis at skg.com> on 2006.11.29 at 21:22:44(14878)
It is quite possible that your sanderiana is dormant. You could try
unpotting the rhizome and checking for rot disease. If all looks well,
remove any dead tissues, repot in fresh potting mix and waterit in. Keep
it semi dry until it starts to make new growth.


From: John Ludwig <onesforusall at yahoo.com> on 2006.12.02 at 01:59:03(14883)
Thank You Denis,

I suapected that it is dormant. All of the leaves have
dropped but the base is firm with no signs of rot.

I have it potted in a very airy mix of well rotted
bark and perlite as well as a small amount of sphagnum
moss. It is potted in an Orchid pot with plenty of
holes in the sides and botton for good airation of the
roots and growing medium.

I have watered it extremely sparingly, but upon your
advice I will curtail all watering until it shows
signs of new growth.

I am hesitant to unpot it because it has been through
a shocking experience already with the fluctuating
temperature extremes.

It has already been repotted 2 times in the past 4
months. I potted it in its current medium after I was
advised by a friend that the heavier soil based medium
it was originally planted in was not airy enough for
this species.

I undersatand that this is an extremely slow growing

Thank you again Denis.

Reguards, John Ludwig.

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