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  Amorphophallus oicuture and location question
From: "StroWi at t-online.de" <StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.12.09 at 16:42:01(14893)

someone posted the following link in a German exotic plants forum:


From: Brian Williams <pugturd at alltel.net> on 2006.12.09 at 22:06:11(14895)
Looks like Titanum to me.
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From: LARIANN GARNER <AROIDIAN at worldnet.att.net> on 2006.12.09 at 23:50:25(14896)

That picture's location is the rare plant house at Fairchild Tropical
Garden, and that plant is one of their specimens of Amorphophallus
titanum. I've been in that place enough times to recognize it without a

Best regards,
LariAnn Garner

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" <hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2006.12.10 at 04:41:52(14897)
I tried to zoom in on the petiole but the pictyure has too low a resolution
to see any details. Unidentifibale therefore. Poor creature, it clearly
suffers from too much sun.


From: "StroWi at t-online.de" <StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.12.10 at 09:29:26(14898)
Hi LariAnn, Brian and Ken,

Thanks for the response and the confirmmation.

My thought was titanum, too, and a location somewhere in the US. I will
post the correct information to the exotic plants forum....

Happy growing,

From: "StroWi at t-online.de" <StroWi at t-online.de> on 2006.12.10 at 20:14:08(14902)
Dear Wilbert,

does your answer imply that it might be a paeoniifolius? I though that
paeoniiifolius does not grow that big; but that is just guessing.....

I thought of titanum, but the leaf blade looked strange to me. You
comment that it gets too much light; could that be the reason, that the
single leaf sections are not so wide/broad like I know it from titanum

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" <hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2006.12.11 at 05:35:07(14908)
Dear Bernhard,

There are indeed strains of paeoniifolius that are BIG, as Julius noted.
However, looking at the glossyness of the leaflets in this big one from
Fairchild, I would guess it is titanum. You can see that the leaflets
margins are strongly recirved as a reaction to too much light. The leafelsta
re not narrow.


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