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  Shingle Plants
From: "Harry Witmore" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2007.02.06 at 22:49:43(15238)
I have been looking
at pictures again and I guess I should not. I see so many shingle plants I want
and so many questions I have. So here's the first.

http://www.blackjungle.com/gal...itemIdQ0 http://www.blackjungle.com/gal...itemIdQ2

All of these were
taken in Costa Rica and one from Panama by Michael Walltis of Black jungle. They
are so interesting and I suspect all are Monstera but one but I really don't
know. Any ideas?

Also here is a
picture that has fascinated me for a while that I have always wondered about.
It's not the R korthalsii but the tiny shinlger to the left of it. What I would
give for that plant.


Last but not least.
Peter, it looks like you have recently removed all the Rhaphidophora from the
Malesiana site. Will they return?


From: "Ertelt, Jonathan B" <jonathan.ertelt at Vanderbilt.Edu> on 2007.02.07 at 06:14:12(15240)

I share this lust after shingle plants, as you already know. Can't help
right off the bat with i.d on the Monstera spp., but can suggest that the
image #00381, (Id 168) is most likely a Drymonia species.
More later.


From: "Famille FERRY" <jpcferry2 at wanadoo.fr> on 2007.02.07 at 14:56:46(15241)
Dear Harry,

I know very well this photograph of David Scherberich
because he was taken in the greenhouses of the botanical garden
of Nancy, in the greenhouse of Aracées.
Concurrently to R. kortalsii, there is splendid Piper
sp. who comes from Sumatra. It was collected in 1980 by
Patrick BLANC( museum histoire naturelle de Paris) at

Best wishes .
Geneviève FERRY

From: "Sherry Gates" <TheTropix at msn.com> on 2007.02.07 at 15:35:00(15243)
Hi all,
Harry, I there's a Rhaph. on Ebay right now that
looks just like the one in the picture you posted. It's listed as
Rhaphidophora cryptantha. Here's a link to the
listing. I hope this is what you've been looking for. Good


From: "Harry Witmore" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2007.02.07 at 22:53:03(15248)
A Piper huh. My guess was a Ficus but regardless this is one of the Holy
Grail of shinglers as far as I am concerned.
I have this other plant I have been told is Ficus villosa although I don?t
think so that I based my guess on. I receive cuttings from ABG a few years
ago and I know they still have this plant. I would love to put a definitive
tag on it


I would also be interested if anyone has other unusual shinglers I'm always
up for trades, handouts or purchases.

As for the small Piper. I really like this and would like to get it in any
form at all.

Harry Witmore

From: "Harry Witmore" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2007.02.07 at 23:03:20(15249)
Well, a Drymonia indeed. Now that would have never been a guess for me. It
is very nice. I guess that is a discussion for another forum.

Harry Witmore

From: piaba <piabinha at yahoo.com> on 2007.02.08 at 16:59:09(15255)
hi harry,

280 and 512 don't open?

--- Harry Witmore wrote:

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