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  Anthurium trinerve
From: "Geoffrey Kibby (IIE)" <G.KIBBY at cabi.org> on 1997.09.17 at 16:40:18(1258)
Dear all,

4 more packages of seed are going out today and I think that fulfils
everybodys requests,27 in total, if you asked me for seeds and do not
receive a package within the next week or so do let me know and I will try
again. With the vagaries of the various countries postal systems (I got
requests from as far afield as Taiwan, New Zealand, Paris etc) it would not
be surprising if one or two went astray. Early feedback from recipients
suggests 100 percent germination! Certainly my own sowing of these seeds is
now about 1/2 inch high and growing really strongly.

I returned from a brief trip to Amsterdam last weekend and 'lo and behold',
guess what I saw in the famous flower market there, yup, you guessed it,
A. trinerve! So it seems that someone in Europe at least is growing and
distributing this plant (my original plant came from Stockholm, Sweden). If
you have never been to Amsterdam and can get there do make the effort, there
is a beautiful Botanic Garden attached to the Free University with a
wonderful aroid collection plus many other exotics. Hans Hvissers who is one
of the specialists there (he writes to this list also) is doing great work in
propagating and disseminating aroids and I am sure will be happy to see you.
We desperately need gardens like this one, it relies entirely on donations
and grants unlike the bigger national gardens in many countries and yet does
pioneering work in conservation and dissemination of species. My thanks to
Hans for a wonderful visit.

Regards to all,

Geoffrey Kibby

From: "Nick Miller" <millern at wave.co.nz> on 1997.09.18 at 02:52:39(1259)
Dear Geoffrey

Just a brief note to advise you that the seeds arrived today 18th
September. That's quick service. I will sow them in damp
vermiculite in a heated prop box. Let me know if there is anything I
can send to return the favour.

Nick Miller

From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <hetter at vkc.nl> on 1997.09.18 at 13:29:39(1260)
To Geoffrey & others,

Anthurium trinerve is available in Holland indeed because it is produced
by one of the largest Anthurium breeding outfits in the world, Anthura
BV. The selection they sell has the cultivar name 'Antrio' and is
marketed under it's trademark White Pearl.

A second cultivar that was going to be introduced under the name 'Britt'
turned out to be indistinguishable from 'Antrio' and was retracted.


From: Don Martinson <dmartin at post.its.mcw.edu> on 1999.04.02 at 03:35:48(3224)
About 1.5(?) years ago, seeds of the so-called "blueberry anthurium" were
offered here. It was subsequently ID'd as Anthurium trinerve.
Unfortunately, I've lost the information on who generously offered the
seeds. The link to the original picture was as follows:


Anyway, I was fortunate to receive some seeds and to get them to germinate.
The plant has grown slowly but surely on the windowsill above my sink.
About 2 weeks ago, I took a closer look and lo and behold, a small
infloresence was visible. You can see a photo at:


Does anyone recall the donor of these seeds?

Don Martinson

From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1999.04.02 at 13:47:06(3226)
I looked through the archives and see that the original message on
"blueberry anthurium" came from Geoffrey Kibby on Aug. 15, 1997. There
have been no posts from that particular email address since 1997 so I don't
know if he's still a member of the listserver. (He may, of course, have
changed his email address.)


From: Rand Nicholson <writserv at nbnet.nb.ca> on 1999.04.02 at 21:59:46(3230)
>I looked through the archives and see that the original message on
>"blueberry anthurium" came from Geoffrey Kibby on Aug. 15, 1997. There
>have been no posts from that particular email address since 1997 so I don't
>know if he's still a member of the listserver. (He may, of course, have
>changed his email address.)
> Les
From: GeoffAroid at aol.com on 2004.03.22 at 20:23:49(11323)
Dear aroiders....
I thought I would repeat this request since it was slipped in the middle of
another message last time and may have been missed by some, apologies if you
have already read this.......some years ago I distributed a large number of
berries/seeds of Anthurium trinerve to many of the members of this List (around 30
if I remember correctly). If anyone grew these on successfully and have seeds
in return I would be very grateful, I have managed to kill off my parent
plant (one of my very few Anthurium fatalities...) and of course did not grow on
any seedlings of my own....It was one of my favourite plants and was always in
flower and berry throughout the year. My new address is given below.

Best wishes,
Geoffrey Kibby

From: Don Martinson <LLmen at wi.rr.com> on 2006.12.13 at 00:27:07(14924)
Title: Anthurium trinerve

Are any of our list members growing Anthurium trinerve? I lost my original plant and would like
to obtain another or seed of same.

Please contact me privately. Thanks.

Don Martinson

From: "Harry Witmore" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2006.12.13 at 22:54:07(14934)
Title: Anthurium trinerve

Is trinerve the same as scandens? If so I have scandens
seed setting now.


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