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  Amorphophallus cv. "Wilbert`s Surprise"!!
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2007.03.19 at 22:38:12(15452)
Reply-To : Discussion of aroids
Sent : Monday, March 19, 2007 9:30 PM
To : aroid-l@gizmoworks.com
Subject : RE: [Aroid-l] Names for different forms?

FUNNY! I so LOVE this forum!

Julius :--)>

From: "StroWi at t-online.de" <StroWi at t-online.de> on 2007.03.21 at 07:25:32(15457)

this brugmansian Aussie has mixed it up totally:

It should of course be "pantagruélique" since he associated the term
with Lord P.

From: "Alistair Hay" <ajmhay at hotmail.com> on 2007.03.23 at 04:55:39(15466)
LOL. We get more blood to our brains down here....

From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" <hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2007.03.24 at 08:12:00(15471)

"Surprise" himself

Van: aroid-l-bounces@gizmoworks.com

From: "Alistair Hay" <ajmhay at hotmail.com> on 2007.03.24 at 20:21:05(15473)
Yes Wilbert: they are situated in our..... oh never mind :-)


"Surprise" himself

From: piaba <piabinha at yahoo.com> on 2007.03.25 at 17:43:16(15476)
what the heck is a POM?
>P.S.. Maybe this happended only because these poor
POMs have to live
>upside down (under)... ;-)

From: Don Martinson <LLmen at wi.rr.com> on 2007.03.25 at 21:56:32(15482)
On 3/25/07 12:43 PM, "piaba" wrote:

> what the heck is a POM?

Please see:

Don Martinson

From: Hermine <hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 2007.03.25 at 22:08:17(15483)
At 10:43 AM 3/25/2007, you wrote:

what the heck is a POM?

on A DOG LIST it would mean Pomeranian. sometimes it means a
British Person, and I no longer know if it is a derogatory term since
i have so many limey and relatives, this sort of slang passes between
us without any rancor, other than the usual, enjoyed by close chums
and so forth.


From: "Alistair Hay" <ajmhay at hotmail.com> on 2007.03.27 at 03:43:06(15491)
In spite of the Wiki-definition, pom or pommie generally refers to the English, not the British.
Some will have noticed that my name is Scottish :-)

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