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  Typhoniums in zone 8/9
From: Susan B <honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2007.04.05 at 16:36:06(15549)
Can anyone tell me if Typhonium venosum and giganteum grow well in USDA zone 8/9? Do they do OK in the summer heat?Thanks very much,Susan

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From: "D. Christopher Rogers" <crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2007.04.05 at 20:15:06(15550)

In this
part of California we bounce between zones 8b and 9b. I grow T. venosum very
well in shade, with bright reflected light. I have only just started T.
giganteum, so I do not have any direct experience yet, but they came from a
buddy who lives in zone 9a, and he seems to have little trouble. I can grow T.
roxburghii outdoors in summer, but not winter.

I hope
this helps,


From: "Agoston Janos" <agoston.janos at citromail.hu> on 2007.04.05 at 20:50:00(15551)
Dear Susan,

I think they might grow there outside. There is a very good
reference for aroid hardinesson the IAS website compiled by Tony Avent and his

From: "Albert Knight" <mrknight at charter.net> on 2007.04.05 at 22:35:09(15552)
Here in Beaufort, SC we are normaly classified 8b.
This year in my yard it got to 23f and stayed there for about three nights in a
row twice this season. I have several typhonium species I put into the ground a
couple of years ago along with several amorphs and other bulbous aroids. All the
typhons do well and bloom no problem. Due to squirrel intrusion along with a
couple birds the tags seem to be found at different areas of the yard if at all.
During the winter they only get wet when it rains but all seem to go dormant
around the end of November. Don't really know if this helps.


From: "Russell Coker" <cokerra at bellsouth.net> on 2007.04.08 at 13:57:41(15559)
Hi Susan.

I'm 8b in Mobile, Alabama. My experience with Typhoniums and hardier
Amorphophallus is the same as Albert's, although my winters are warmer. We
had only a few dips below 30 degrees, but this morning we had sleet.

For me it doesn't seem to matter if they are in pots or the ground, they
seem to follow the same cycle. The ones in pots don't get any extra
protection other than being placed under benches on the ground. One
thing I have noticed is that T. venosum multiplies rapidly in the ground.
Summer heat doesn't seem to be a problem.


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